Audio Adrenaline


Originally known as A-180, Audio Adrenaline officially got its start in 1986 when a group of students from Kentucky Christian University decided to play music together. Led by co-founder and original lead singer, Mark Stuart, the band continues to produce powerful, mission-driven music.  While Mark Stuart is no longer the musical voice of the band due to a vocal condition that prevents him from singing, he is actively engaged in the songwriting and album production process and spearheads the efforts of the Hands and Feed Project.  Re-launched in 2013, the current lineup travels the country sharing the original message of love and mission while spreading the news about Hands & Feet Project and their work in Haiti.

The band’s next studio album with FairTrade services is currently in production with the new single “Love Was Stronger” hitting radio waves in early spring. You can catch Audio Adrenaline this spring on tour with the Newsboys.