Bishop Aaron Blake


The Blake’s experience with foster children and leadership ignited a call within Greater Faith Community Church to care for U.S. orphans.  Over the next decade, this faithful church of less than 200 members became family to scores of children previously living in the foster care system.  As the movement grew stronger, other ministry leaders and state leaders took note.

The Bishop and Mary launched Harvest Family Life Ministry in 2003.  They have been successful in their campaign for children to carry their message into seven states including Hawaii teaching and training state staff and church leaders the faith-based concepts of marrying church and state in the quest to equip the church to meet the needs of children from prevention to permanency. Through this model of teaching and recruitment, they have helped find homes for many children throughout Texas and other states.

The last two years, Bishop Blake has chaired The Advisory Committee on Promoting Adoption of Minority Children (ACPAMC), a church/state partnership committed to providing family for Texas children in need.  Recently, he was selected to receive the national CWLA Community Partnership Award for his “great support of and work with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.”  This collaboration is quickly becoming a model adopted in other states like Michigan and Hawaii.

“One of the answers to changing the outcomes of thousands of children is the church.  The heartbeat of God is to care for widows (broken families) and orphans,” explains Blake.