Sr. Advisor to President



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

Going hiking

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee (for sure!)

More about Brandie:

Brandie is an entrepreneur who founded a number of technology companies over the past twenty years. She built companies brick-by-brick from concept to generating over $100 M in retail revenue and filing with the United States SEC for an initial public offering (IPO).

Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Developing the Internet youth strategy for General Motors ($15 Million);
  • Building what at the time was the world’s largest micro-payment network worldwide by forming an alliance with over 400 carrier network operators in more than 100 countries – enabling a customer reach of over 2 billion consumers.
  • Developing a patent portfolio of over 10 social networking patents for technologies being utilized today by Facebook and other social sites.

Brandie felt God calling her to leave the technology industry and spend the rest of her life serving the fatherless.

Supported by her husband of 9 years, Ken, and son, Zachary, Brandie joined the fight to defend the fatherless for the glory of God.

Brandie is an active hiker, runner and book-lover.