Brooke Miller

Founder, Home4Good

What if we were each other’s greatest resource? What if we had ways to support foster and adoptive families both “before and after the balloons”? What if everyone – young, old, married, single – knew they had a part to play? And knew what it was? What if, together, we could find life from loss?

This is my dream. To be honest, it was a dream birthed in heartache. I never dreamt that words like orphan care, infertility, and failed adoption would be part of my story. But each of those have led me to a greater understanding of who I am, and who my God is. It’s also led me to believe that this generation can end the orphan crisis. No really, I believe it. In fact, with an unexpected career as an Attorney and Real Estate Broker, I run Home4Good and have lofty plans like changing the world – one home at a time. As a graduate and former faculty of Trinity Law School, I began – and continue – my professional endeavors with a view to integrate social justice, law, theology, and practical psychology. I try to blend those passions into each opportunity to speak and lead sessions directed at everyday ways to build a culture of support for foster/adoptive families. Because God chose the family as His vehicle of healing for the lonely, I want to see each foster/adoptive family be as healthy and strong as possible as they weather the storms inherent in loving the fatherless.

I am “Auntie Boo” to 16 littles, 3 by adoption, and I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend – eleven years and counting. My favorite thing to buy is a stamp in my passport, and while I haven’t been everywhere, it’s on my list. The pitter-patters coming down our hallway belong to Abby, our Cavalier Spaniel. No one could be more surprised than me.

I occasionally blog at and try to keep my speaking schedule up to date so that future-besties know where they can find me.

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blog: She Came Back

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Orange County, CA

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93/7 Orphan Care: Our Greatest Resource is Each Other; Unplanned Unparenthood; Captivating the Entire Community for Orphan Care; Before & After the Balloons: What adoptive families need their friends and family to know (audio available); Sad is Not Bad; Confessions of a Grief Virgin: Finding Life from Loss; Truest > Newest

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