African American Church Initiative Coordinator



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

Enjoying nature, laughing with people and reading BBC news articles.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee of course! On tea, one can survive, but on coffee, a person can thrive!

More about Calli:

Calli Crowder grew up in Ohio and spent six years in the foster care system before going to college at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. She majored in International Studies with a minor in Psychology. After graduating, she worked in a Foreclosure Defense Law Firm for two years until she was accepted into the Congressional Coalition for Adoptions Institute’s (CCAI) Foster Youth Intern Program.

During her time as a Foster Youth Intern (FYI), she wrote a report on Supporting Foster Parents So Youth Can Thrive as well as spoke on the topic at a briefing in July of 2018. The reason Calli chose the topic of supporting foster parents is that she was blessed to have amazing foster parents as a youth, who contributed to her success as an adult. Her foster parents today are her Grammie and Papa who helped provide stability and normalcy throughout her time in care.

As a result of her time in care, she desires to give back to foster parents, encourage children both in and out of the system and give a voice to those who do not have one here in America and around the world.

Calli also enjoys researching and analyzing Russia and the post-Yugoslovic nations. In her spare time, she likes to travel, spend time with Nigel her pet ferret and visits Major League Baseball games with her fiancé (Her fiancé aspires to visit every MLB stadium in his lifetime and although she is a football fanatic through and through she is learning to love baseball along the way).