Cristina Plazas

Director, Colombian Family Welfare Institute

Cristina Plazas graduated from Pontifical Xaverian University as a Lawyer, and earned her degree in Administrative Law from Our Lady of the Rosary University.

From her early professional life, Cristina Plazas has worked within the public sector; she was elected as Civic Dignitary of Chapinero, a district area of the capital of Colombia, was named Private Secretary of the Senate Presidency and elected as Councilor of Bogotá, from where she promoted the creation of the District Institute of Tourism.

She worked as Secretary of the Council of Ministers for the National Government of Colombia, High Presidential Counselor for Women Equality, and was named as Private Secretary of the Presidency of Colombia. Plazas led the construction of Women Equality Public Policy; her passion for academy drove her into work as a university professor and to volunteer at The House of Mother and Child.

Her concern about social issues, especially family integrity as the foundation of society, allowed her to be part of The Board of Directors of The Colombian Family Welfare Institute on behalf of the President of Colombia.

On September of 2014 she took over as General Director of The Colombian Family Welfare Institute.