D.J. Jordan

Pinkston Public Relations

D.J. Jordan is a Senior Vice President at Pinkston Public Relations in the Washington, DC area, leading the company’s work with faith-based clients. Prior to joining Pinkston, D.J. served on Capitol Hill for ten years as a communications director, and worked in TV broadcast news before that, at CNN and also Fox News. D.J. has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Liberty University, and a master’s degree in public management from The Johns Hopkins University. He has served on the boards of several state and nonprofit agencies focused on family issues, including the Virginia State Board of Social Services, which oversees the foster care system in Virginia. D.J. and his wife have four children, including a child who is adopted from the foster care system. D.J. currently serves on the board of Virginia’s Kids Belong, which advocates for children in the foster care system.