Director of the Better Together Fund, More than Enough



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Prince Edward Island

Favorite pastime activity: 


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in the morning (pour over, light Guatemalan roast) and tea time (chai, tea late or even a half and half sweet tea) in the afternoon

More about Dorathy:

Dorathy has an insatiable curiosity that has travelled through medicine and public health. While on that journey, she developed a fascination with research and applying best practices. She loves systems-based strategy and please don’t try to put her in a box… she can’t seem to stay in one!

She developed a deep passion for invisible people in our communities through crisis and disaster response work and has served the community as a canine handler for her state’s response team. It was through this work that Dorathy was deeply moved toward children in foster care.

When she’s not finding creative solutions at work, you can find her avidly quilting or cooking up something locally grown. She loves bringing people together over food, telling stories of God’s faithfulness and encouraging a healthy love of questions.

Dorathy currently serves as the Director of the Better Together Fund for More Than Enough.