Gerald Clark

Founder and CEO - Home For Good Foundation

Author, International Speaker, Bible Teacher, Missionary Bush Pilot

Six years working directly with children in a mission orphanage in the Philippines. Gerald is one of the early pioneers advocating for Adoption as Ministry and Evangelism since January 1997. He has spoken about adoption ministry in churches across the USA and on several islands in the Philippines.

Author of a comprehensive Adoption Bible Study in 2005

Teaching pastors from Africa, India and Myanmar has led to the launching of adoption ministries in churches in their respective countries where Christian families are now adopting children in their own country and culture.

Gerald and his wife spent six years working with children in a mission orphanage in the Philippines where they learned how desperately children need and want to belong to a loving family.

Gerald believes that Adoption should be the preferred form of orphan care, and advocates for Adoption as a ministry in every evangelical church around the world.  Christian families who adopt should be viewed as missionaries who bring the Gospel and God’s love to orphan children by living example.

While teaching pastors from Africa, India, Myanmar, USA and the Philippines about adoption ministry in their churches, Gerald discovered they all knew of families in their churches who already wanted to adopt. Meeting many of those families even in remote villages in the Philippines led to the realization that adoption really can be the solution for the world’s orphan crisis, and that local adoption is far more cost-effective than institutional care.  Governments in the Philippines and Uganda are openly opposed to building new orphanages and heartily approve of the Home For Good model for local adoption.

The Home For Good teaching and adoption bible study have been instrumental in helping others to launch adoption ministries in churches in the USA and other countries where Christian families are now adopting children in their own culture.

Speaker Location

Grants Pass, OR


Adoption Bible Study downloadable PDF

Recent REVIEW:

“Gerald’s message is one that should be heard in every bible believing church. It is a transforming message that will revolutionize the church’s role in orphan care. His speech is dynamic, succinct and very moving.  Mr. Clark’s teaching is well organized, scripturally sound, and keeps the audience engaged.   This speaker is not to be missed if you have a chance to hear him. Gerald and his wife are well worth inviting to your church.” – Dianne Liskey

Travel Notes

  • Accepts Love Offering for speaking and reimbursement for travel & lodging expenses only.
  • Am willing to stay in someone’s home if a church needs to save on lodging expenses
  • Gerald Encourages multiple churches to partner in a joint effort regional adoption ministry event to share expenses
  • Gerald is available for multiple day multiple venue meetings and local radio or TV interviews to obtain maximum impact and value for your event.

Speaking Themes

Launching an adoption ministry in your church, Hidden evangelists in your congregation who already want to adopt, Creative ways to fund adoptions that don’t harm the church budget, Adoption and church growth / community outreach, Local Adoption by families in every evangelical church in the world, Adoption and Evangelism. Adoption and the Gospel Jas 1:27; Matt 5:16; Gal 4:4-5; John 1:12, and Emptying an orphanage by adoption vs. building a new orphanage

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