James Yim

Co-Lead Pastor, Living Way Community Church


Despite his best efforts to pursue the world and throw away his life, God graciously intervened and transformed James’ life through a show on television while in college.  Soon after, he changed his major from graphic design to religious studies, sensing God’s call to lead and shepherd His people through the local church. James is passionate about helping to transform lives through the preaching of God’s Word, life-on-life discipleship, and just loving on people by meeting them where they are.

James is married to the most wonderful girl, Jeandarlae, and have four children, Micaiah, Piper, Jaxon, and Addison. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his family, reading just about everything, rooting for the Dodgers (he swears he bleeds blue), and listening to music. Speaking of music, if James was to describe himself in a couple of sentences, this is what he would say: “I was born to be a musician. I just don’t have the talent.” He says he’s going to ask God why that is when He meets Him in glory.