Karl Dinkler

Director of Communications


Central Florida

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Finland to see the Northern Lights

Favorite pastime activity: 

Hiking and camping

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. No Tea. No, wait, Coffee. Eh, Both! But not at the same time.

More about Karl:

Karl joined CAFO in 2017 as the Director of Communications where he enjoys creating momentum and awareness for effective orphan care, family preservation, adoption and foster care. Previously, he served in key design and leadership roles at Tavistock Group, an international private investment organization.

Karl and his wife Nicole live in central Florida and have two wonderful children, Brody and Joia. They entered their marriage with a clear calling to grow their family through adoption and in March of 2017, they received their letter of acceptance for their daughter in China.

While not at work, Karl can be found wrestling with his kids, reading, tinkering in the garage and playing guitar or listening to music. And sometimes behind the handle of a pre-1900’s letterpress. He has a passion for creativity and working with his hands which lead him on a continuous quest to uncover something new.