Deputy Director of Events and Marketing



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Australia & Moldova

Favorite pastime activity: 

Anything new; exploring Chicago, making craft coffee, learning new things

Coffee or Tea?

Black coffee, hand ground, pour over or Aeropress please

More about Kate:

Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Kate was second born of eight bio kids. Foster kids were in and out of the house during her elementary school years, where she learned to love Africa and those with complex stories and homes.
Her eyes were opened at fourteen on a mission trip to Kenya, where she visited her sponsor child through Compassion. There she saw raw poverty first hand, and her knowledge of God’s heart for the poor turned into firsthand action. By running charity carnivals, she learned to raise awareness for causes through events. Her family moved to Kisumu, Kenya when she was sixteen, and Kate worked as a teacher and tutor at Agape Children’s Ministry for eleven months. There, through much joy, heartache, and a broken collarbone, the Lord shaped much of Kate’s heart for living missionally wherever you are, and for empowering locals to care for their people.
Kate recently graduate with a BA in Biblical Studies and Communications from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where she studied the intersection of technology and theology, culture and communications, and helping people craft their stories.
She currently resides in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, IL with her new husband Adam. They are involved in their church, Calvary Memorial, and hope to continue to learn from, guide, and serve non-profits and churches to better communicate their stories with clear strategy, purpose, and vision.
In her free time Kate loves to travel, help people develop their small business plans, take classes online, look at old houses, go for a swim, or read books in the sun.