Senior Manager of Analytics & Project Implementation


South Carolina

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

Lifting weights

Coffee or Tea?

I could never choose just one!

More about Kim:

Kim and her husband live in Greenville, SC, and love to travel. Whether traveling the US, visiting MLB stadiums, skiing, or soaking up the beach, or visiting another country altogether, they enjoy learning about new cultures, trying new cuisines, and seeing the beauty of God’s creation.

Kim’s background is in analytics and software development. She loves walking alongside ministries and nonprofits to assist them in accomplishing their mission by removing obstacles in these areas. She has worked with organizations such as North Point Ministries and ACS Technologies to help serve thousands of churches and nonprofits in this endeavor. She holds a BS in Family Ministry from Toccoa Falls College and is pursuing an MA in Communications with a Specialization in Organizational Leadership from the University of Alabama. Being connected to her local community is very important to her as well. She enjoys serving in her local church and also serves her local software community on the Advisory Board for Carolina Code School.