Student Initiatives



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

Going on a morning or dusk-time walk with a loved one and reading a good book

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon

More about Leah:

Leah comes to CAFO with a deep desire to see God bring the whole church together to care for orphaned and vulnerable children and is happy to serve that mission however she can.

Leah and her husband, Matt, met as students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and married shortly after graduation. Leah interned with a foster care agency for one year after graduation and had her first close-up encounter with the world of child welfare, including building her first relationships with kids in care. In 2010, Matt and Leah joined the staff of Cru in San Francisco with a heart to see college students connect their relationship with Christ to a vital engagement in issues of justice and mercy in our community and the world. While living and serving in San Francisco, Leah had the privilege to build relationships with and learn from the lives and realities of several young men and women navigating the world with no engaged parents or care-givers. Over 4 years of ministry to college students in San Francisco, Leah was grateful for the countless opportunities to mentor and disciple young women, facilitate service opportunities and trips for students, and to see God change lives. Following her service with Cru, Leah joined the staffing team at Google before joining the CAFO team in 2016.

Leah is mother to three, homeschools, and in her spare time, Leah loves to read, walk and talk with friends, cook, learn about child development, try new restaurants and visit new cities with her husband, and explore the world with her kids.