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North Carolina

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Lesley W. Monet is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.  She sensed God calling her into ministry to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a vessel used by God to champion the cause of the vulnerable, including the unborn.
After years of dedicated service in her corporate career, she retired early to pursue education and bond with her adopted children in 2014. She sees her family as “The First Ministry,” and cares for her husband and children with much love and joy.
In 2017, Evangelist Monet was appointed to the Church of God in Christ International Department of Missions as the Director of the Family Life Campaign, where she serves to bring awareness to the church, build partnership with organizations, and engage the culture to establish a biblical worldview concerning the unborn.
Amidst her ministry, Lesley felt a special call to do more for women in crisis pregnancy.  In 2018, she formed Breath to Life Ministries, Inc. through which she serves families with small children and expectant mothers that have chosen life by utilizing spiritual and practical development.
Lesley holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Community Development and a Masters degree in Public Administration.  It is her continued prayer to be humble, diligent, compassionate and on-fire to welcome souls into the Kingdom of God.