Mama Maggie

Stephen's Children

Maggie Gobran, born into an Upper Egyptian Middle class family, taught in the American University in Cairo, where Egypt brightest could receive the best education in the country.

When her aunt who had spent her life serving the poor passed away, Maggie felt drawn to help fill the void that was left.

The following Christmas she visited the dump with gift for the children where she found them sleeping amongst and inside the pile of rubbish.

Resolving to do something about it, Maggie set up Stephen’s Children named after the first martyr, their purpose to seek and to love those at the very bottom of the social scale, the poorest of the poor, Stephen’s children takes a holistic approach to serving families all over Egypt who had spiritual, material, educational, physical and social needs.

They provide emergency relief with….food, medical bills or critical home repair. They also assist with education and shop training.

Stephen’s children has 1482 staff members serving over 27000 families weekly.

They operate 97 community education centers, which offer medical clinics and outreach to mothers.

Each center host a kindergarten where up to 600 children are cared for at any giving time, here they get food, health checks , clothes and a Christian education.

Thousands of children have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior as a result of the ministry.

Mama Maggie as she is affectionately known as the mother Theresa of Cairo, and sources indicated that Mama Maggie has been nominated for the Peace Prize at least five times.

But every chance she gets, Maggie Gobran points out that the success of Stephen Children and the efforts of volunteers and donors, is only due to God’s blessing on the work.