Mark Barret

Executive Director - Parental Care Ministries USA

Mark and Monica have an incredible story about how God took an ordinary pediatrician and his family and showed how He can use them to bless so many more lives if they would just listen and follow His call. Beginning with a family trip to Uganda, the Barrets were able to see firsthand the work of Pastor Emmy and Supermom and their single school of 120 children and 2 dozen churches. In May of 2008 the Barrets founded PCM USA and began to be a voice, one opportunity at a time, for needy children and pastors. Today, PCM oversees 7 schools with 1200+ children as well as a network of 50+ churches. Mark serves as Executive Director in the USA and enjoys speaking about the struggles and joys of starting a nonprofit ministry, finding your calling from the Lord, what “going all in for Him” looks like, and how to work a full time job and be in full time ministry. Monica is a prayer warrior and a gifted teacher who speaks to various churches, women and children’s groups about many topics including obedience, prayer, the Holy Spirit and just about anything related to her best friend, Jesus.

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Tyler, TX

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Stepping out in faith when God calls; How can a doctor in Texas also head up a nonprofit ministry to orphans in Uganda?

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