Nicole Wilke serves as Director of the Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children and Families at the Christian Alliance for Orphans. The focus of this work is to connect the best available evidence to frontline practice in the care of children and families at risk, covering topics from deinstitutionalization to trauma-informed care to child protection. Her interest in this work began in her family of origin, which has adopted and fostered many children. Prior to this role, Nicole worked in a variety of settings with children who have experienced complex trauma, including post-adoptive therapy, juvenile detention, therapeutic residential treatment, and foster care, as well as in cross-cultural ministry. She has earned degrees in Psychology, Family Studies, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Permanency and Adoption Competency, and has published in research journals including The Lancet and Child Abuse & Neglect. She currently lives with her husband and children in Peru, where they work to see vulnerable children raised in families.