Nelson Paulino


Following the 1961 assassination of their country’s leader, his parents were among the hordes of people who moved to the Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

Nelson Pablo Paulino was raised in a Christian family. His parents had only a few years of schooling between them, and jobs were hard to find. Although they knew severe poverty at times, he, his parents and his siblings were close and remained involved with their local church.

He graduated from O&M College with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and a Ministries Associate degree from Leadership Institute Monte de Dios. At the age of 20 Nelson was elected president of the national youth ministry for his denomination. At 21 years old he joined the ministry on World Servants in the DR, serving the poorest communities,

Three years later he joined VisionTrust International, and became the Executive Director that same year. Recently at age 40 he was promoted to the position of VisionTrust’s Regional Director for Latin America; he oversees the ministry in the regions of Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic and Brazil, serving over 4,000 children and adolescents in the most impoverished conditions.

He is married to Maria Leonor, and they have three children. Nelson currently serves on the pastoral team of his church and on the Board of Directors for World Servants in the DR. He says, “My passion is to transform children into mature Christians, so they grow up to live for God and love others!”