Project Manager, Research Center


New Jersey

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Morocco and Alaska (yes, I know they’re very different!)

Favorite pastime activity: 

Camping, preferably next to a lake

Coffee or Tea?


More about Paige:

Paige Anderson serves as the Project Manager of CAFO’s Applied Research and Best Practice Initiative.  The call to serve orphans and vulnerable children was felt early on in Paige’s life, and became especially evident in her teens through a series of mission trips to the Guatemala City garbage dump.  With the initial goal of working in international adoption, she received her BS in Social Work from Taylor University, where her passion for child welfare and family preservation grew.  Prior to this role, Paige has worked as a child protection caseworker, foster home manager, and as a project manager in the healthcare industry.

Paige is the mother to a 6-year-old girl (who she lovingly calls her “tiny teenager”) and they are always looking for their next great adventure: hiking, camping, traveling, or spending time on the water with family.  Paige has always dreamed of growing her family through foster care and/or adoption, so stay tuned!