Kolia Aksiuta


At the age of 4 I was taken to the Children’s Home from the accident with my father and mother who was an alcoholic and couldn’t care about me. In a year, in 2003, I was transferred to Gorodnia orphanage where I spent 13 years of my life. During this period I met Christian people who visited our school and told me about God. Thanks to my relations with believers I repented in 24, August 2014 and soon became a church member.

In 2015 I graduated from the orphanage and entered Chernihiv National Pedagogical University, Expertise of Cultural Property Department. Alongside student life I became a team member of the ministry of serving orphans through sports.

God’s blessed me with a great opportunity to start and coach a soccer team “Molodiozhka” together with other church members. This team consists of orphanage graduates and young guys who are non-believers to whom we testify about Jesus.

I long to grow in my faithfulness to God and I see how He uses me more with every passing day. Since last year I’ve become a member of the National Children’s Council under the representative of the President of Ukraine for children’s rights Nikolai Kuleba.

For the 13 years, I have spent at the orphanage, God has been sending His people to form me and my life, so I can meet in person. Now it’s my turn to help orphans… Today God has given me a great opportunity to change the system itself. My wish is that every child is raised in a family, but while there are orphanages in Ukraine, I’ll try to do my best to make them a better place for the children.

All glory to the Lord!