Peter Kamau Muthui

Founding Partner, Child in Family Focus - Kenya

Peter, the last born in a family of six lost his mom when he was six weeks old and his dad died a year later. His family suffered another blow when the children’s court gave orders for the placement of his elder siblings in reformatories and his placement into a home for physically challenged children. After two years, the family was reunited at a Nairobi orphanage which became Peter’s home till the age of twenty.

His childhood experience of being separated from John, his close friend who was joining a foster family stirred a deep longing for a family and Peter kept hoping that he would be next. It is the memory of the pain he felt not having a family that led him to working at the same children’s home as a social worker and later as a social programmes manager, resolute that he would make it a reality for other children.

During his ten year stint at the orphanage, he spearheaded the setting up and running of the establishment’s affiliate Adoption Society, a family based care outreach unit as well as other successful child welfare programs that are to date supporting thousands of children in need countrywide.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Communication from the University of Nairobi as well as a Diploma in Mass Communication from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

He is well versed in OVC care, alternative care, child rights advocacy amongst other child protection related issues.

Peter is a member of the Kenya Society of Care Leavers and is a founding partner and Administration Director at Child in Family Focus – Kenya; a nonprofit organization championing family based care for institutionalized children through care reform.