Robbie Seay

Robbie Seay Band

The Robbie Seay Band was founded in 2001, which now consists of Seay (vocals and guitar), Ryan Owens (bass), and David Keil (drums). Songs from the band have been featured in numerous commercials and TV shows with the majority of the band’s work being sung corporately in churches and worship services. With songs on the CCLI charts for many years now, including “Song Of Hope,” Robbie is the rare songwriter whose songs are altogether introspective, worshipful
and inviting to a broader audience.

In late 2013, the band started an independent project of EPs based on the Psalms which culminated with the release of their Psalms LP in
early 2015. The Old Testament theologian Gordon Wenham said “Singing or praying the Psalms is a performative act. Saying them to God alters one's relationship in a way that merely listening does not.” The band’s intention with the Psalms project was that listeners not only enjoy the melodies but meditate on the words of Scripture and that together, all would sing and pray these Psalms back to God.
Many of the songs written and recorded by the Robbie Seay Band are songs inspired by events, stories, and the people within their church and

Robbie continues to lead worship and travel with the band. He is currently working on a new worship album expected to release in June 2019. He and his wife, Liz, and their 5 children live in Houston, Texas.