Kondo Simfukwe

Mission Point Community Church


As Lead Pastor, Kondo is charged with setting the vision and direction for the believers of Mission Point Community Church, to increase their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and to equip them to more purposely live His mission to bring relief and restoration to this city, this nation and this world. As a pastor, Kondo is committed to helping people see Jesus as worth more than all. He also enjoys working with people in the church to see them thrive in the areas of their giftedness. Kondo has been blessed to serve the Church since his college days and regularly has the honor to speak at Grace College, other churches, and conferences. Kondo was born in London, raised in Lusaka, Zambia, lived his high school years in Sydney, Australia and then came to the United States for college. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity in Counseling from Grace College and Theological Seminary. While at Grace, he met and married his wife, Melissa. Kondo and Melissa have two children, Judah and Jael. Kondo prides himself on usually winning card games when playing with his kids. He also loves playing and watching tennis and enjoys running on the world famous Winona Lake Trails.