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Ryan serves as the Executive Director of Tapestry, the adoption & foster care ministry of Irving Bible Church. He and his wife Kayla have six children, two biological and four adopted through foster care. He writes and speaks on adoption and foster care issues as well as the joys and challenges of leading a Christian ministry. He is an Empowered to Connect parent trainer and is a contributing writer to Empowered to Connect, Tapestry, and One Big Happy Home as well as writing for his own blog (The Ryan Blog). He lives in Dallas/Fort Worth with his family and three dogs.

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I will arrange travel, lodging and honorarium details with the event coordinator. All speaking requests and event details should be sent to rnorth@irvingbible.org.

Speaking Themes

Empowered to Connect, Trust-Based Parenting, Ministry Leadership, Adoption, Foster Care, Ministry Staff Training and Parent Training.

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