Special Advisor


Washington D.C.

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Great Barrier Reef

Favorite pastime activity: 

Taking a few hours to explore something new with my kids

Coffee or Tea?

Why pick one if you can have both?  But not mixed together.

More about Seth:

After I became a Christian, I wanted to study the Bible and serve other people as much as I could. So I imagined I should prepare to be a pastor! Fast forward over a decade. I was running a real estate team and still could not find a natural pathway into pastoral ministry.

Eventually, I joined a museum where I learned a lot of unexpected lessons. I learned that it takes a team to build something extraordinary. I learned that it takes a ‘whole-of-community’ including churches, schools, and organizations all working together to instigate cultural change. I also learned that real change involves thought and action. In order to spread renewal among those who are afflicted, we have to have a wide group of academic, practicioner, multi-cultural, and multi-generational leaders all willing to listen, dialogue, and find ways to act together. These lessons prepared me to care about CAFO’s united service.

Rather recently, I learned about CAFO. I was stunned by this remarkable mission that unites Christian organizations, churches, and schools into active communities who become a home for vulnerable children and orphans. I simply wondered how I could help. Now, I am honored to add an extra set of hands to this beautiful demonstration of the family of God mending brokenness in our time. May God be with this alliance!