10 Considerations for Designing a New Ministry for Children Separated From Their Own Families

This seminar will help you create innovative solutions for children based in local families that can be implemented in countries around the world. Come if you want to redesign your existing children’s home or develop a new ministry for children who have been separated from their own families. We’ll give a special focus to help people bring about change in the orphanage they love. You’ll leave with knowledge about the most important needs of these children, and practical ideas for how to implement alternative forms of care in your situation.

(Philip Aspegren, Casa Viva)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Adoption: Where Do I Start?

Come learn practical next steps as your family considers adoption. We’ll share valuable insights as you begin the journey, stories and first-hand experiences – and have lots of Q&A time. Find tangible personalized resources for your family and church.

(Jenny Miller, Loving Shepherd Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Always Ready – Resilience in My Back Pocket

“I would if I could!”

Youth who have not learned to be resilient experience challenges in their attempt to become successful young adults. This session will give participants solid and practical skills in helping youth build protective factors.

By understanding the seven essential building blocks of resilience, workers can help children and youth sort through their strengths and needs, develop strategies for problem-solving and then monitor the progress of their growing resilience. Youth need to be able to bounce back quickly from challenges and view failures as only temporary setbacks. They need to be able to maintain a positive attitude and a strong sense of opportunity during the period of adolescent turbulence.

Those working with vulnerable, exploited and orphaned youth need to have the skills and understanding of how to develop resilience. Resilience is the intangible ability when faced with challenges or problems – to find ways to move forward and avoid getting stuck. This session will present many ways to help youth build both tangible and intangible skills, thus becoming more resilience to the challenges of growing up.

(Lynn and Ruby Johnston, LAMB International)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Attachment: Parenting With Your Brain In Mind

How can we create relational environments in which secure attachments are the more likely outcomes for those for whom we care, especially as we engage children in adoptive/foster settings? Moreover, how does knowing more about how our brains and relationships work together make this more likely? And lastly, how does our awareness of beauty — that of ourselves and of our children — create a smoother path toward secure attachment? This workshop will explore these and other related questions as we seek to care for the orphan and love God with all our mind in the process.

(Curt Thompson, MD, Being Known and author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Becoming Fluent in Difficult Stories: How to Manage the Tension Between Hope and Hard

This workshop will address the reality of working within stories that aren’t easy and don’t have predictable futures. We’ll discuss spiritual disciplines and practical strategies that help us understand what matters most.

(Beth Guckenburger, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Best Intentions: When Personal Experiences Intersect with Ministry and Helping

Entering into ministry and helping fields calls for courage and the heart to serve others, purposefully and lovingly. For those who enter the field through a lived experience such as adoption and foster care, there is an additional layer that is both personal and profound embedded into their work. Because of this, there is an on-going need for active self-awareness and insight related to how each personal experience may influence relationships and the overall care for those being served. Equally important is the recognition of our limitations by establishing healthy boundaries and self-compassion. What happens when the personal and professional collide? What are the unintentional impacts of burnout or boundary violations? When is it okay to say no? We will address the strengths and challenges to consider when entering the world of adoption and foster care ministry as a triad member (foster alum, adoptee, adopt/foster parent, birth parent). Come and join us for this interactive workshop that will examine the unique intersections as adoption members, professionals, and ministry support.

Workshop Goals:
1. Examine the intersections when triad members enter into adoption/foster care ministry
2. Identify three strengths and challenges that may arise
3. Gain deeper insight into personal boundaries and triggers

(Nikki Carroll, Torrey Carroll, and Melanie Chung-Sherman, ChristianWorks)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Big Ideas for Church Orphan Care Ministry

There’s so many things to consider, resources that are needed and ideas about what to do and how to do it floating around out there. How do you make sense of it all? What are some of the “main” things you need to know about starting, leading and growing an orphan care ministry in your church? Whether you’re a pastor, ministry leader or passionate church member this session will narrow the scope a little bit and give you 3 “big idea” TED-Talk style topics to take with you followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and interaction. We’ll discuss things like how to integrate orphan care into the entire church, how to build wrap around and support teams, developing a strategic ministry calendar for the entire year, and more! Come ready to grab onto some big ideas! You’ll walk away with some fresh, practical and implementable ideas and some new connections with other leaders to go along with it all!

(Facilitated by: Jason Johnson, CAFO Joined by: Andrew Holland, Hope Forth Worth; Bruce Kendrick, Watermark Community Church; Angela Gonzalez, Mosaic Church Orlando; and Blaine Hamilton, PhD, Southeast Christian Church)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Big Ideas in Foster Care

What are some of the most pressing issues and innovative ideas on the minds of foster care leaders today? Come hear a series of short presentations that will introduce you to some of the most promising practices in foster care today. Come ready to grab onto some big ideas of your own!

(Facilitated by: Jason Weber, CAFO Joined by: Rita Soronen, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption; Rob Geen, Annie E. Casey Foundation; Chris Campbell, 111Project; Brian Mavis, America’s Kids Belong; and Adrien Lewis, Global Orphan Project)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Breaking Down Barriers: Making Your Church Accessible for the Special Needs Family

When we think of accessibility, we typically think of elevators, ramps, and self-opening doors. If your church was built after 1990, it probably meets all the standard requirements of accessibility. But while our buildings might have the best ramps and parking, it takes some initiative to break down the barriers most special needs families face when they walk into a church. These barriers are not always physical and most of the time they don’t take a lot of resources to fix. It’s just a matter of recognizing the
obstacles that stand in the way for a special needs family and developing a plan to make your church completely accessible.

(Meaghan Wall, Stonebriar Community Church)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Building a Culture of Excellence in Small Group Homes

Are the small group homes you know developing a “culture of excellence?” Join this informative discussion to define what such “excellence” looks like. Receive a practical assessment tool that helps identify what homes are doing well – and how they must improve. Bring your own challenges and successes to contribute!

(Matt Parker, Kids Alive International)

This workshop is 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Building a Discipleship Based Orphan Care Ministry in Your Church

The goal of your foster care, adoption and orphan care ministry is not simply to recruit more people to meet a need; it’s to disciple more people to obey a command. Discipleship is not an event, it’s a process. It’s the long, sometimes slow and sometimes tumultuous journey of movement – from where we are to where we need or want or hope to be. Discipleship toward a goal or vision doesn’t just happen – it requires intentionality, purpose and planning. But how do we do that in our ministries? What elements of movement are crucial to establishing an effective and sustainable process for moving our people towards caring for the vulnerable and orphaned or supporting those who do? In this workshop you will discover five essential elements of discipleship and construct a general framework of principles for you to uniquely apply to your ministry. You’ll walk away with an action plan of practical “next steps” moving forward.

(Jason Johnson, CAFO)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Building a Foundation for Independence

Basic job skills are just a first step in preparing adolescents for self-sufficiency. Successful transition programs build a comprehensive foundation of knowledge, competencies, and life skills needed for independent living. This interactive workshop is designed to help you think through the components that will enable your students to navigate independence. You will work with other practitioners to identify what successful adulthood will look like for your students, and craft intentional action steps that you can incorporate into your vocational and transition programs.

(David Nowell, Hope Institute)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Building a Foundation for Independence, Part Two: Applying the Principles

As a follow-up to “Building A Foundation for Independence,” this session will take goals established by participants in the first session and develop actual action plans to achieve those goals.

(David Nowell, Hope Institute)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Building a Teen’s Capacity for Relationship: The Ongoing Impact of Trauma and Loss

Teens with a history of trauma and loss have great need of support and validation. This workshop will guide participants in understanding the “perfect storm” of a teen’s trauma history and emerging adolescent stressors, why the adult relationship is fundamental to healing and how to recollect strategies to manage adolescents with a traumatic history.

(Julie Cooper, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Building an Effective Internship Program: Expand Capacity While Investing in Young Leaders

Student-learners in the form of interns provide the energy, fresh perspective, new skill sets, and extra hands that many of us are looking for to fulfill our God-given mission. Investing in interns has been particularly worthwhile for CAFO and we want to encourage and equip you to begin the same rewarding journey. Come learn very practically about the nuts and bolts of starting, growing, and maintaining a high quality internship program – while also engaging in discussion and collaboration with other organizational leaders.

(Brandie Smith & Leah St. Pierre, CAFO)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Building New Systems: Growing Foster Care in Countries Where it Doesn’t Exist

In some cultures, foster care is a foreign concept, and many languages have no translation for the idea. In settings where the only other current care option is large scale residential care, organizations can be left confused – grappling with the tension between knowing evidence suggests children grow best in healthy families and being limited by contextual constraints. Hear from leaders who have worked with local, regional, and national governments to create innovative systems of foster care where none existed, providing a new alternative care option. Learn from their stories, their mistakes, and their suggestions for how to create a new foster care model in a place it does not exist.

(Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach; Phil Aspegren, Casa Viva; and Kristi Gleason, Bethany Global)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Building on Firm Foundations: Communities of Faith, Vulnerable Children and their Fathers, and HIV/AIDS

For 15 years, PEPFAR’s (the President’s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief) success is in no small part due to the partnership built with the faith-based community and a joint mission to both care for the orphan and vulnerable child, and to father those who are fatherless. Join representatives from PEPFAR, to learn how you can protect orphans and vulnerable children from violence, abuse, and HIV/AIDS and how to engage men and boys – and particularly fathers — in reaching this goal. Discussion will focus on real life examples and actions, steps for choosing and implementing programs that work, and introductions to new open source evidenced-based tools to help protect children from HIV/AIDS so they can reach their potential.

(Dr. Susan Hillis and Dr. Gretchen Bachmann, PEPFAR)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Building Passion: Communicate Who You Are in Three Minutes or Less!

Many opportunities will come your way to tell an audience of one, or many, about your ministry. It may be a church, civic group, etc. Their time is valuable – and so is yours. If you were invited to tell ALL about your ministry in three minutes, could you?

(Jeff Juhala, Royal Family Kids)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Building Up National Leaders

Even as we lead organizations serving children, we recognize that one of the most enduring legacies we can leave in any country is strong, effective and Christ-hearted national leaders with deep love for vulnerable children. Come both to learn from and share with fellow leaders of CAFO member organizations that desire to invest in local leaders, organizations and networks that will faithfully reflect God’s love for orphans for the long haul.

(Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach)

This workshop is 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Caring for the Refugee Orphan in the Name of Jesus

What is a Biblical response to caring for the refugee? In a Muslim-majority country, Pastor Mommad Yamout shows us a God-honoring example of the Church caring for the refugee and orphan in the name of Jesus.

(Facilitated by: Pastor Mohammad Yamout, Church of Tyre, Lebanon Joined by: Trace Thurlby, The Global Orphan Project)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Caring For Yourself While Caring For Children From Trauma

You love your kids but everyday is an uphill battle with them. Because of their special needs you are exhausted. You know you need to take better care of yourself but you don’t know how to even begin. Join us in this session as we walk through key steps to take better care of you while you’re caring for children from traumatic pasts.

(Mike & Kristen Berry, Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent LLC)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

CEO Roundtable Exchange

As the CEO of your organization, you are the chief steward of what God wants to do through your ministry. CAFO2018 provides you a unique opportunity to connect, engage and develop relationships with other leaders who carry the same weight of responsibility as you. It’s not God’s intent that you should go it alone. In this round table session, you will have a chance to share, listen and learn from other CEOs. Bring to the round table an idea/practice you’ve tested and would strongly recommend to others and your greatest challenge… and see how God will use this time for the profit of all.

(Facilitated by Tami Heim, Christian Leadership Alliance)

This workshop is 120 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Changing the Trajectory of Intercountry Adoption

Explore key trends, challenges and opportunities in adoption today, from inter-country adoption to U.S. foster-to-adopt. The conversation will include a bird’s eye view from top Washington, DC policy experts as well insight from agency leaders serving in the trenches daily. Examine adoption ethics and the importance of engaging within the larger context of our work to further our impact on orphans. We will also delve deeper into the importance of post-adoption reporting, and how we can work together to change the trajectory of intercountry adoption.

(Facilitated by: Hollen Frazier, All God’s Children International Joined by: Chuck Johnson, NFCA; Becky Weichhand, CCAI; and Daniel Nehrbass, Nightlight)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Children with Special Needs and How to Support Them

We know the importance of caring for every child, but some children are often left out. Children with special needs- be they physical or emotional, developmental or environmental, temporary or lifelong- are some of the very most vulnerable in an society. Many ministries feel ill-equipped to address their unique challenges, leaving them without access to the services they so desperately need to thrive. Learn practical tips for caring for children with special needs, their families, and their communities, and move one step closer to a world in which all children are well cared for.

(Dr. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Church and State Partnerships in Foster Care

Let’s be honest – whether you are a social worker or a member of the faith community, you have a least some reservations about working with “the other side.” Learn from those who have seen great results from these vital partnerships and have lived to tell about it. Hear seasoned veterans talk about initial reservations, successes, and missteps – all of which will help you gain confidence as you move ahead for the sake of children. This session is ideal for child welfare professionals, non-profit leaders, and church ministries.

(Jami Kaeb, The Forgotten Initiative & LifeSong for Orphans; Tom Lukasik, 4KIDS of South Florida; Rhonda Littleton, A Home For Me; and Felicia Mason-Edwards, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Church Leader Networking Lunch

CAFO Supporter and Champion Level Member Church Leaders/Teams are invited to a private lunch gathering on Thursday, May 10th during CAFO2018.

As a church leader you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with other Supporter and Champion level church members, get exclusive previews of some exciting things coming up in the National Church Ministry Initiative for churches and be encouraged by a special guest speaker Dennis Rainey, Family Life.

Note: This lunch is available only to CAFO Supporter and Champion Member level church leaders/teams.

Please RSVP here to attend:

Communications & Marketing Collaborative

Calling all Communications & Marketing Teams! What if the Christian orphan care movement aligned its words, phrases and definitions to best serve orphans and vulnerable children worldwide? What if we educated our audiences accurately both internally and externally? Come ready to discuss together how we might leverage the 190+ faith-based organizations in a united voice, message and brand that elevates the movement using our unique skills and niches. Attendees will receive a free resource to help develop their brand.

(Facilitated by Karl Dinkler and Ashley Otani, Christian Alliance for Orphans)

This workshop is 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Community Mapping: A Simple Tool for Finding Your Fit and Serving Children and Families Better

Community mapping is a tool that can reveal resources, relationships, and opportunities already available in a community. It can uncover gaps in available services that need to be filled, and highlight similar efforts that might benefit from collaboration. Every organization can use this tool to become more efficient and effective in the work they are doing to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

(Kimberly Quinley, Step Ahead Foundation)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Connected Independent Living

This workshop focuses on preparing young adults from hard places to transition into independence while remaining connected to your family. Learn why independence is crucial, how to determine the right time, and how to calm your fears for their future.

(Pam Parish, Connection Homes)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture in your Ministry Site

Trying to shift from being “trauma aware” to “trauma-informed” in your global orphan-care ministry? This workshop will address practical ideas for how to shift your staff culture and provide principles for a trauma-informed children’s home.

(Caroline Burns & Sammy Mathews, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Critical Clarity to Drive Your Organization Forward

So often nonprofit and ministry leaders come into our office feeling overwhelmed by all the many tactics and channels at their disposable and completely unclear how to effectively and efficiently steward funds to optimize impact. In our collective decades of experience we have honed a systematic approach to gaining the organizational clarity any business that values impact in addition to revenue needs to be successful. It starts with intentional organizational strategy to align as a leadership team, define long term goals and chart the path to getting there. It is followed by having a strong brand that breaks through the clutter and a reach strategy to activate audiences to drive key conversions. In this interactive workshop key experts will breakdown how to achieve a level of organizational clarity to propel out of the grind and into the next level of impact. We will begin the session introducing the coaching team as well as walking through the four foundational principles of organizational clarity in a 15 minute overview presentation.

(Shanon Litton, 5by5 Agency)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Cultivating a Co-Missional Marriage

Beth and Todd have fought for two and a half decades to stay connected in their marriage relationship. This is not for a PG audience, and they will be frank about issues relating to conflict resolution, intimacy and missional marriage.

(Todd & Beth Guckenberger, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Designing a Life Skill Program

Through this workshop, participants will learn the tools for the trade and gain hands-on experience in learning steps in building a Life Skills Program for their work in international orphan care. Learn what life skills are, why they are needed and how to build a simple blueprint for a life skills program in their specific context.

(Matt Laughlin, Lifeline Children’s Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Developing & Maintaining a Thriving Child Sponsorship Program

Child sponsorships are a highly-effective way to connect advocates with children in a way that can effect true change in both over time.  Join fellow CAFO members to discuss hard-earned success alongside challenges and pitfalls in the development and management of a well-run child sponsorship program.  Bring your own key practices as well as questions to share and discuss.

(Facilitated by Kory Kaeb, Lifesong for Orphans)

This workshop is 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Developing a Ministry Action Plan

Learn how your church or organization can “MAP” out a plan that will either help launch for the first time or carry your existing adoption and/or foster care ministry to the next level. Ministry Action Plan (MAP) helps ministry leaders walk through a simple and measurable goal-setting process by utilizing an easy-to-use tool that aides an individual or team in thinking through the recruitment of dedicated people, the pinpointing of available resources, and the setting of attainable goals that will solidify and grow their ministry.

(Ty Bryant, Promise686)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Developing Support Systems that Sustain Families

Learn how to create sustainable wrap-around support for all types of families caring for vulnerable children. Utilizing the Care Community model, discover how to intentionally serve your families with committed volunteers serving in various roles.

You will learn how to recruit and equip the right volunteers to form an extended family of support for foster, adoptive, bio or kinship families. The various roles will be discussed in detail as well as a simple plan to launch this support team. Finally, you will see how this model creates a virtuous cycle and an effective recruiting tool whereby volunteers can get their feet wet before committing to becoming foster or adoptive parents themselves.

(Johnna Stein, Promise686)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Do Your Financials Attract Donors and Lenders?

Learn how to set goals for your financials that will increase your ability to secure funding from gifts and grants. Find out what lenders expect. These indicators become targets for your organization to strengthen fundraising capacity and accomplish mission. Donors will learn how to evaluate financial capacity of charities they are considering supporting.

(Rose Cholakian, Missionwell)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Effective Reintegration

Reuniting children with biological family is rightly described as the first priority whenever it is safely possible, but this work is fraught with pitfalls and complexity. Learn key principles and how-to practices for wise, effective reintegration and restoration programs – drawn from the successful reintegration of more than 1,800 youth in Kenya with their parents or kin over the past decade.

(Blake Gibbs, Agape Children’s Ministry)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Effective Uses of Technology in Global Orphan Care

In a world of ever increasing technology- non-profits and orphan care organizations have been burned with new technologies. Come for a frank discussion on what technology is effective (and ineffective) for organizations like ours.

(Patrick Childers, Connecting Kids With Care)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Empowering Parents and Other Caregivers for Holistic Child Development

Participants will learn the principles of healthy economic empowerment from a case study by The Chalmers Center and Compassion International Togo and develop an action plan to equip caregivers to mobilize their own resources for child development.

(Russ Debenport, The Chalmers Center)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Encouraging Indigenous Adoption

How can we encourage local adoption in non-Western countries, especially places where adoption is viewed negatively by traditional culture? Hear from leaders who are advancing this vision around the world — what works, what doesn’t, and what matters most in working to see churches, families and communities embrace adoption.

(Facilitated by: Aixa Lopez, Guatemala Joined by: Jephat Chifamba, Zimbabwe; Oleg Shelashkyi, Ukraine; Daniel Kaggwa, Uganda; and Alex Sam, India)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Excellence in Education and Discipleship in Schools that Minister to Orphans

In ministering to orphans and vulnerable children, often we choose to implement education in the ministry. The schools we develop should be of the highest quality in discipleship and education to lead children to sucessful life.

(Bobby Waite, Lifesong for Orphans)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Fearful Women Wanted: How Fear of the Lord Shapes Lives that Save Lives

Join this invaluable conversation among engaging women from varied life stages and perspectives. Consider Biblical truths and practical insights for actively obeying God in defending children from hard places, challenging the culture, loving your neighbors and impacting your church communities.

(Aixa de López, Author and Speaker)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Finding Your Fit in Foster Care

You want to help others make a difference in the lives of kids and families in foster care, but outside of foster parenting and adoption, you aren’t exactly sure how to help them make the most impact. This workshop will help you clarify how your gifts, personality and experiences can make the biggest difference in various aspects of foster care where you live and will show you an easy and fun way of communicating these principles to others.

(Facilitated by: Jason Weber, CAFO Joined by: Michelle Douglas, The CALL; Elizabeth Occhipinti, Miriam’s Heart; Kevin Enders, 4KIDS of South Florida; Johnston Moore, Home Forever; and Melissa Blum, CAFO Foster Movement National Prayer Coordinator)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Funding Ministry: A Practical Guide for Raising Money Even When You Don’t Want To

Virtually every person in ministry dislikes raising funds, seeing it as a necessary evil so that real ministry can happen. This workshop turns that on its head, providing practical steps to finding the real donor dollars to keep ministry humming.

(Arnie Adkison, Buckner International)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Funding Your Adoption

Covering the cost of adoption can be overwhelming, but this two-hour session will give you invaluable practical tools to help make a plan. Join this interactive session to learn easy to manage fundraising and creative income ideas. Interact with representatives from grant organizations and fundraising partners ready to help you navigate grants and other funding opportunities. This session will end with small group gatherings with each representative. Bring your questions and come ready to map out plans!

(Facilitated by: Julie Gumm, Author & Joined by: Becky Wilmoth, Bills Tax Service, JT Olson, Both Hands, Kathy McKinney, Show Hope, Rich Metcalfe, Lifesong for Orphans, Dwain Gullion, ABBA Fund, and Sandy Fuglaar, Pathways for Little Feet)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Geographical CAFO Member Meetings

Connect with CAFO members serving in the region where you serve.  From information and idea exchange to potential partnerships, these are key allies you ought to know!  Plan to join simultaneous meetings for Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North Africa, South Africa, Latin America and Asia.  (Open to CAFO Member Organizations Only.)

Give Me a Break! How to Host a Respite Night for Foster & Adoptive Families at Your Church

Connect with and support foster & adoptive families in your community by hosting a respite night at your church. You’ll leave this interactive workshop with practical tools to provide caregivers a much-needed break, while keeping kids happy & safe.

(Denise Kendrick and Mary Wells, Embrace Texas)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Growing a Foster Care Movement Where You Live

A healthy faith-based state foster care movement involves a lot of different individuals and organizations with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. This session will introduce you to a team of experts from these various entities who have seen thriving foster care movements start and grow in their own states. This session will also introduce you to the most important lessons they’ve learned in starting and growing a faith-based state foster care movement. This workshop is ideal for child welfare professionals, non-profit leaders and church ministries.

(Facilitated by: Jason Weber, CAFO Joined by: Shelly Radic, Project 1.27; Bishop Aaron Blake, Harvest Family Life; Sharen Ford, Focus on the Family; Lauri Currier, The CALL; Katie O’Dell, Arizona 1.27; and Chris Campbell, 111Project)

This workshop is 90 minutes long.

Help! How Can I Get My Church to Observe Orphan Sunday?

You’ve heard all the hype, you’ve seen all the resources, but your church is still missing out on the power of Orphan Sunday to change lives. Hear from veteran Orphan Sunday Pastors and Coordinators about how to share the importance of Orphan Sunday with your church team.

(Orphan Sunday Coordinators: Pastor Eric Mills, National Director Michelle Vernon, Michigan Coordinator Jodi Lewis, Canada Coordinator Brandalyn Musial, and Florida Coordinator Steve Hogue)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

How To Create a Safety Plan

You’ve been investigated. A child in your home has acted out against another child and your home cannot function the same way it used to. You need to institute a safety plan to ensure everyone (including you) is safe. But how? What does an effective safety plan even look like? In this session we will walk through key steps to formulating and instilling a safety plan in your home that keeps everyone safe.

(Mike & Kristen Berry, Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent LLC)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Hungering for God Amidst Clamor and Great Need

Gather to remember and reimagine our deepest calling: friendship with God. Explore concrete means of training our hearts to be alive to Him amidst our daily pouring-out to ministry and home. Among other themes from the book Unseen, we will look at the freedom found in recognizing ourselves to be finite creatures.

(Sara Hagerty, Author & Speaker and Rachel Medefind, Adoptive/Foster Mom & Writer)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Impact of Adoption and Foster Care on Biological and Permanent Children

This workshop address five major impacts parents need to know about when adding children to their family. It will offer strategies to help families meet the emotional needs of all within the home.

(Jayne Schooler, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: Supporting the Grief of Foster Families When a Child Leaves

Consider: How do you support your foster families & their bio children when a foster child is reunified with their “first family?” What about when a child disrupts and moves to a new home/more restrictive placement? Are your families so heartbroken that they are leaving your agency? How do we do a better job with retaining them to care for other children in need?

(Kimberly D. Young, The Bair Foundation)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Keeping Integrity in the Stories You Share

When it comes to advocating for orphans and vulnerable children, how do we maintain integrity while fully engaging with supporters, donors, and the public? We’ll dive deep to discuss how to engage without exploitation.

(Ronne Rock, Orphan Outreach; Pam Parish, Connection Homes; and Emily Richards, Show Hope)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Key Considerations in Giving Adoption Aid Grants that Serve the Whole Child and Family

Of the many things that can deter families from pursuing adoption, the costs associated are often cited as the most overwhelming barrier. To that end, many support organizations exist to help families overcome this barrier through a myriad of ways (interest-free loans, direct grants, matching grants, etc.). Come participate in a strategic and collaborative conversation as we explore key elements when reviewing Adoption Aid grant applications. We will explore key considerations that serve the whole child and promote healthy families and healing environments. Additionally, we will discuss grant-giving in a way that reflects the mission of your organization and promotes Kingdom values, while also exploring ways to resource all families regardless of their qualification to receive funding from your organization.

(Emily Chapman Richards & Kathy McKinney, Show Hope)

This workshop will be 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Leadership Strategies for Healthy Organizational Growth

Passion is not enough for sustainable growth. Prioritizing team culture leads to a vibrant and sustainable work place. Learn practical tools to incorporate immediately into your staff meetings, strategic planning and personal leadership development.

(Todd & Beth Guckenberger, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop will be 120 minutes.

Leading for the Long-Haul: Strategies for Strong Leadership through Peaks & Valleys

An effective, seasoned CEO with more than two decades of senior level experience will walk participants through 10 vital tips to providing visionary, strategic and enduring leadership through the peaks and valleys of ministry.

(Jerry Haag, One More Child)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Leading Leaders: Developing the Leaders on Your Team

If you want to be a successful leader you must develop the leaders around you. No one can do it alone. Your organization’s growth potential is directly related to your leaders. Grow your leaders and you will grow your organization. Come and assess where you stand as a leader of leaders. Learn the difference between managing and leading and understand how you can influence and add value to your leaders. You will leave with a plan of action steps you can implement to become more like the leader you want to be while also developing the leaders around you.

(Sherri McClurg, PsyD, New Horizons for Children & John Maxwell Team)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Maintaining Conviction and Conscience in Public-Private Partnerships

How can a faith-based organization stand firm in its principles while working with governments that hold differing values, from sexuality to the sanctity of life? What conscience protections does current law provide and where are the biggest threats to religious liberty? Explore these critical questions together with legal and policy experts and fellow practitioners.

(Facilitated by: Roger Severino, Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services & Shannon Royce, Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Joined by: Rod Marshall, Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries)

This workshop is 90 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

Nurturing the Spiritual Life of Kids and Families

God designed for children to be raised by nurturing, Christ-hearted parents. However, ministries can contribute immensely to the spiritual health of the children and families we serve. Often children and families find themselves yearning for a place of mercy and hope. As Christian organizations, we are in a unique and powerful place to bring together God’s plan for redemption with His plan for the transformation of hearts and character. Join global ministry veterans as they share and discuss successful models for spiritual development that integrates here-and-now practices with God’s eternal plan.

(Facilitated by: Randy Daniels, Buckner International Joined by: Jerry Haag, One More Child; Phil Darke, Providence World; and Maron & Precious Chomba, Lifesong for Orphans)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Nurturing the Spiritual Strength of Your Team

The long, complex road of service will soon wear down and disrupt a team unless their work rises from an inner strength and healthy souls. What challenges and successes have you experienced while seeking to maintain a vibrant faith — both personally and as an organization? How have you encouraged healthy individual habits and also cultivated growth together? Come ready to discuss what has worked and what’s been hard with peers who care deeply about these things as well.

(Jeff Jones, Buckner International)

This workshop is 60 minutes and for CAFO member organizations only.

Orphan Sunday Coordinators Luncheon

Join us for the Annual Recognition Luncheon for the Orphan Sunday Coordinator Team. This luncheon is by invitation-only for national and international team members who have served as Orphan Sunday Coordinators. Please RSVP to [email protected] with your plans to attend.

Jodi Tucker, CAFO

This luncheon is 120 minutes and by invitation only.

Patient Pursuit: Loving Your Children When They Do Not Love You Back

How do you pursue a child who pushes you away? Together we’ll take an honest look at God’s patient pursuit of us, the barriers to us pursuing our children, and practical, proven strategies for building trust and relationship.

(Jennifer Phillips & Karla Thrasher, Lifeline Children’s Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Post Adoption Support: Why Group Work is Critical

As families seek post adoption services, more and more agencies and organizations are responding. Group work has been an essential dynamic within support services. Come join us as we share what has worked and what has not through our years of providing post adoption support groups for adoptees and their parents. You will experience hands-on examples of curriculum as well as a foundational introduction related to how to implement groups for adoptees and parents.

+Explore basic dynamics of post adoption group work
+Learn how to address three basic subjects within post adoption groups
+Gain rudimentary assessment guidelines for choosing facilitators
+Examine ways to sustain groups over time

(Melanie Chung-Sherman & Nikki Carroll, ChristianWorks)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Praise & Petition

Amidst the whirl of our lives, perhaps nothing is more refreshing than the chance to raise praise and petition to God, together with others who share our hurts and hopes…thanksgiving and prayer for vulnerable children and families and the response of God’s people all over the world. Join talented area musicians and Summit attendees with similar hearts for one hour of simple music, thanksgiving and prayer.

(Led by: Ashley Reed, Gateway Frisco; Jennifer Todd, Freedom Church – Bedford; Lyndon Gonzal, Upper Room Dallas)

This session is 60 minutes.

Praise & Petition

Amidst the whirl of our lives, perhaps nothing is more refreshing than the chance to raise praise and petition to God, together with others who share our hurts and hopes…thanksgiving and prayer for vulnerable children and families and the response of God’s people all over the world. Join talented area musicians and Summit attendees with similar hearts for one hour of simple music, thanksgiving and prayer.

(Led by Robbie Seay, Bayou City Fellowship & Robbie Seay Band)

This session is 60 minutes.

Preparing for Adoption: Unpacking Motivation and Expectations to Increase Placement Stability

This session will look at various reasons families adopt as well as possible expectations of both child and parents that can give hope and promise or lead to frustration and dissonance.

(Kris Faasse, Bethany Christian Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Preparing Our Hearts to Receive: A Women’s Mini Spiritual Retreat

Most of us faced a mountain of details before departing home for CAFO2018. And that came on top of the ever-present needs we face daily at the heart of our vocation. So weariness and strain likely travel with us. We may feel disquiet within, even cold. Come, catch your breath, rest your soul and prepare your heart to attend to the Father. This set-apart time will include music, prayerful scripture reading, short devotional reflections, silence, journaling, refreshments, and friendship.

(Facilitated by Rachel Medefind, Barbara Rainey, and Sara Hagerty)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Raising Black Children in a Multiracial Family

What do moms and dads in transracial families need to know about raising black boys in a society that is struggling deeply with issues of race and identity? What wisdom and tools can we give boys to help them become confident, Christ-hearted men? How do we prepare them for challenges they’ll face beyond our homes? How do we help them form a secure racial identity alongside an identity that is larger than race alone? Listen in to a conversation of African-American dads on race and parenting.

(Facilitated by: Kyle Ray, Kentwood Community Church Joined by: DJ Jordan, U.S. Senate Congressional Aide and Virginia’s Kids Belong; Julian Goodson, Bethany Christian Services; Clarkston Morgan, Our Daily Bread Ministries & Ambassador Consultants; and Cole Williams, Cole Speaks LLC. & The Evolution of a Son to a Father)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Regulation to Reason

The primary premise of the workshop is that children’s thinking brains cannot be accessed for learning until they are regulated and connected. Empowering, connecting and correcting strategies will be shared as well as how we provide a combination of high structure and high nurture while creating connections and a culture of kindness in our classrooms. While many teachers have had exposure to behavior management methods for the classroom, these tend to have limited effectiveness with children who lose their self-control easily, which includes many of the vulnerable children we serve. Come and learn some new ways to help.

(Paris Goodyear-Brown, LCSW, RPT-S, Nurture House)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Relational-Centered Serving

Have you ever felt called to serve the vulnerable, but tried and felt defeated before you even got very far in? Have you ever wondered why the people you are trying to help respond the way that they do? Learn how not to be overcome by feeling like you are doing too much. Learn how not to walk away when you are at your wits end. Learn how to thrive in Relational-Centered Serving. This training is based on Biblical principles presented in a new light. During this session you will learn how to empower without enabling or excluding, how our lens changes our view, and how we can know we are honoring God in serving others.

(Donna K. Nicholson, Bethany Christian Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Rethinking Children’s Ministry: Creating an Environment of Felt-Safety

Children’s ministry is perhaps the most vital ministry of the church. It is why families come, why families stay, and unfortunately why families sometimes leave a church. We focus on the programs, curriculum, lights, and music that make a Children’s Ministry great, but often forget the impact of making children feel safe, secure, and loved. Feeling safe can go a long way towards helping them experience and accept God’s love. Creating an environment of felt-safety is the foundation on which children are able to connect in relationship.

(Ryan and Kayla North, Empowered to Connect)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Rooted: Gospel Driven Parenting Principles for Adoptive & Foster Families

Join this extended session to learn about the basic principles and skills in the ROOTED parenting training approach, which is producing good fruit across the country in local church orphan ministries, adoption agencies, support groups and counseling practices. After the overview of the Gospel Driven principles, the session will include practical and interactive training from ROOTED speakers in areas like “play therapy”, spiritual warfare and creating a “Safe Church” for struggling families. There will also be an extensive Q&A time as well. ROOTED has been endorsed by such leaders as Dennis Rainey, Josh McDowell, Tony Merida, Dr. Sharen Ford, Dan Cruver and Jennie Allen.

(Facilitated by: Paul Pennington, Hope for Orphans Joined by: Pastor Halim Suh, Austin Stone Community Church; Mary Bennett, PhD, Texas State University; and Elizabeth Pennington, Apollos Center for Healing and Growth)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Searching for Hope: Examining Protective Factors in Family Preservation

Join us for this interactive workshop to learn more about serving vulnerable families. During this session, you will learn more about and utilize the Protective Factors for Strengthening Families from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, to examine how agencies and ministries can build and maintain strong, evidenced-based practice, recognize internal and external protective factors and identify gaps that may impact the success of those you serve.

(Carolyn Cooper-Murriel, Dr. David Ummel, and Kandyce Ormes, Buckner)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Shame: Healing the Story of Our Lives (Part 1)

Each of us tells a story, whether we know we are doing so or not. And in the way we tell our stories, so also we tell the stories of those we parent. From the beginning of creation, shame has played the role of spoiler. It reaches into every nook and cranny of our experience tainting our sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Evil would have it author our stories and those for whom we are responsible. But the Gospel seeks to reverse all that. Seeks to undo that. Seeks to put shame to death in order to author new stories. This two-part workshop will explore how shame seeks to infect the care we offer to the orphan by first infecting us, and how the healing of shame leads to a story of redemption of the orphan by first redeeming us.

(Curt Thompson, MD, Being Known and author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Shame: Healing the Story of Our Lives (Part 2—Including Q&A from Part 1 and Workshop on Attachment)

What does the healing of shame look like in real life, not just in theory? How does its healing lead not merely our “feeling better about ourselves” but the transformation of every vocational domain that we occupy, not least being that of parents and caretakers of orphans? How does intentional, vulnerable community become the crucible in which God not only heals us as adults, but also enables us to pass that regeneration on to the children in our care? And how does secure attachment practically inform this process? This Part 2 workshop will address these questions and provide a robust opportunity for the participants to engage in discussion about these topics.

(Curt Thompson, MD, Being Known and author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Special Children, Real Families

Families who are hearing the call to adopt a child with special needs might have never interacted with a family living out this unique vocation. Families who have internationally adopted children with a range of diagnoses will share their experiences.

(Carla Dobrovits, Reece’s Rainbow)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Spiritual Exercises to Develop Secure Attachment as Adults

As we work with children from hard places, we come to see that we cannot take a child to a place we have not been ourselves. This reminds that we must open ourselves to God’s work in healing our own wounds if we hope to lead others toward safe relationships and emotional health. This workshop will provide practices and tools to help us develop secure attachment as adults, strengthening our relationship with God and our children.

(Juan Porto, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Steps Toward Expanding Your Continuum of Care

Evidence suggests the ideal place for children to be raised is in a healthy, stable, loving family. Moving toward family care can seem overwhelming, but is best achieved one step at a time. This project will create a road map to help organizations reform and/or expand their programs so as to play a vital part of a full continuum of care in their region.

This strengths-based approach acknowledges the valuable contributions organizations are making and builds on their strengths to achieve sustainable transformation. This workshop will highlight ways each organization can contribute towards the development of a continuum of care by developing services for family preservation, reintegration, foster care and limited, high quality family-like residential care.
The ultimate goal is a full continuum of care supported by every OVC-serving organization in that region – maximizing the number of children in healthy families and minimizing need for group care.

(Facilitated by: Phil Darke, Providence World Joined by: Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children; Sarah Gesiriech, Faith to Action; Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach; Tracy Imbach, American Friends of International China Concern; Kristi Gleason, Bethany Global; and Corbey Dukes, Kids Alive)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Story & Service: A Conversation with Adult Adoptees

All people know hurt, and those who faced loss as children know it double. But our own experience of grief can become the very source of the unique gift we have to give the world. And, our healing deepens as we offer that gift in service. Listen in as adult adoptees share how developing a heart for service became transformational — both for themselves and for others. Don’t miss these compelling stories interwoven with practical wisdom for your own journey.

(Facilitated by: Sandeep Thomas, Adult Adoptee Joined by: Kelley Nikondeha, Storyteller, Author, & Communities of Hope and Diego Fuller, Adult Adoptee, Musical Artist, & B.I.G Records and Foundation)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Sustainable Social Enterprises: Hands-On How to Get Started (or Accelerate!)

This will be a highly interactive session, allowing in-depth collaboration between actual practitioners and attendees as you work on your own plan for a new and/or accelerated Sustainable Social Enterprise that is well-integrated with your current ministry. You will learn some keys to success as well as lessons learned from mistakes and then you will develop your ideas in a roundtable format where you will receive feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners — ultimately walking out with an action plan and clear next steps!

(Facilitated by: Vivienne Bechtold, CAFO Sustainable Social Enterprise Director Joined by: Erica Hall, Akola Project; Joe Knittig, Global Orphan Project/GOEX; Andy Lehman, Lifesong for Orphans; Justin Carabello, Carabello Coffee; and Randy Price, Right at Home)

This workshop is 120 minutes long.

The Bridge: Insights from CAFO’s Aging Out Initiative (U.S. Foster Care)

The Alliance Aging Out Initiative (www.cafo.org/aging-out) offers a model for healthy life transitions and successful futures for youth aging out of the U.S. Foster Care system. Hear from frontline practitioners, explore relevant research, examine successful practices and participate in idea sharing around the five core elements of the Alliance Aging Out Initiative’s bridge to successful life transitions for youth aging out of the U.S. Foster System.

(Facilitated by: W. Scott Brown, CAFO/Christian Leadership Alliance Joined by: Lisa Castetter, Teen Leadership Foundation; Kile Bateman, PhasedIn; and Kerri Dunkelberger, Olive Crest)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

The Comprehensive Assessment of the Adopted Child – from Worms to Wiggles

This workshop will cover the comprehensive medical, developmental and emotional assessment needs of adopted children and how and when to seek resources for children who come from early adversity.

(Judith K. Eckerle, M.D. & Megan Bresnahan OTR/L, University of Minnesota)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

The Cost of Collaboration

Everyone talks about collaboration being a good thing….so why is it so hard? Join this discussion to address some of the most challenging issue of collaboration: branding and money. What has to happen for organizations to be more effective together?

(Facilitated by: Adrien Lewis, GO Project Joined by: Lesli Reece, Fostering Together and Andy Cook, Promise 686)

This workshop is 60 minutes and is for CAFO member organizations only.

The Foster Journey: Characteristics of a Great Foster Parent

Much effort is spent on recruiting more foster parents.  But what are the characteristics of great foster parenting and how do we help ourselves and others aspire to this greatness?  Come engage in a discussion with former foster youth and seasoned foster parents and glean the most important lessons they’ve learned.  Whether you are on the road to foster care or on your way through it, this workshop has been created just for you.  

(Johnston Moore, Home Forever; Trent Taylor, Former Foster Youth & Adoptee; Trisha Weber; Alex Lyons, Foster Care Alumnus; and Jamie Lynn Moore)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

The Parent & Adoptee Relationship: Preparing for Independence

Teen years bring fresh challenges in any child’s relationship with their parents and in their use of increasing freedom. This can be all the more complex when adoption is part of the equation. But these years are also rich in opportunity. What is most important to see — even amidst great difficulties — is when adoptive parents and their children ultimately grow closer through it all. How can parents best prepare fledgling adults to succeed in life beyond the home? Hear from a panel of adoptees and their parents who’ll share from their own experiences on the pain and potential of this unique season of life.

(Facilitated by: Kelley Nikondeha, Storyteller & Author, Communities of Hope Joined by: Sandeep Thomas, Adult Adoptee; Vanita Thomas, Adoptive Parent; Diane Shaw, Adoptive Parent; Breanna Shaw, Adult Adoptee; Daniel Nale, Adoptive Parent; and Luke Nale, Adult Adoptee)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

The Parent & Adoptee Relationship: Preparing for Independence (Conversation Hour)

Teen years bring fresh challenges in any child’s relationship with their parents and in their use of increasing freedom.

Join the parents & adoptees from the first hour for this continued time of rich discussion and Q&A.

(Facilitated by: Kelley Nikondeha, Storyteller & Author, Communities of Hope Joined by: Sandeep Thomas, Adult Adoptee; Vanita Thomas, Adoptive Parent; Diane Shaw, Adoptive Parent; Breanna Shaw, Adult Adoptee; Daniel Nale, Adoptive Parent; and Luke Nale, Adult Adoptee)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

The Power of Play in Healing Trauma

Sometimes the unspeakable can be “spoken” in non-verbal ways. This workshop will unpack the neurobiology of trauma and the neurobiology of play – and tie this to developmentally sensitive methods for helping children build safety, show, and tell the stories of the hard things that have happened through art, sand, and play – and therefore heal from trauma.

(Paris Goodyear-Brown, Nurture House)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

The Power of Words

Language is so important and powerful. The choice of a specific word or phrase can convey much about our values and beliefs. Words can convey compassion, respect, and acceptance, or they can send unintentional negative messages to and about those who make up the adoption triad. Join us for an interactive discussion of a topic that can be fraught with the ‘landmines’ of wanting to be both natural in our language, and at the same time, avoid words and phrases that can carry meaning and weight that we don’t intend.

(Kris Faasse, Bethany Christian Services & Carissa Woodwyk, Author & Therapist)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Therapies for Children from Hard Places

This workshop will help participants identify and assess therapies/programs as being evidence-based. It will also discuss the major types of evidence-based therapies available to children from hard places and their functions within the holistic therapeutic context.

1. Participants will be able to define evidence-based therapies/practices.
2. Participants will be able to identify and assess therapies/programs as being evidence-based.
3. Participants will have a basic understanding of the major types of evidence-based therapies available to children from hard places and their functions within the holistic
therapeutic context.

(Mandy R. Hiles Howard, Samford University)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Three Essential Ingredients for Every Church Ministry

We are all well aware of how overwhelming the need is – millions of vulnerable children and families around the world, hundreds of thousands in our country, thousands in our state and likely hundreds right in our own communities. The need is overwhelming, but our approach to addressing the problems before us in a healthy and helpful way doesn’t have to be. This workshop is uniquely designed for those starting or leading ministries in their church. How do we “message” and structure our ministry in a way that doesn’t overwhelm people but, but compels them? How do we make the overwhelming problem tangible, relateable and actionable for people in our church? Join us as we talk through three essential principles of movement that will help your ministry gain clarity and define actionable next steps with a sense of confidence and simplicity.

(Jason Johnson, CAFO)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Transforming Short Term Missions

An estimated two million Christians participate in short-term mission trips each year, many of them seeking to benefit vulnerable children. With this immense flow of resources comes great potential for both good and harm. This event will build on CAFO’s “Wise Short Term Missions,” a resource developed in consultation with dozens of child-serving organizations to outline OVC-specific principles for minimizing harm and maximizing long-term impact for children, families, and communities. In addition to highlighting examples of good practice, small groups will have the opportunity for co-creation of innovative STM models that are aligned with the best available knowledge. This session will be a launching point for future CAFO community engagement with short-term missions.

(Nicole Wilke, CAFO; Sarah Gesiriech, Faith to Action; Dr. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children; Kristi Gleason, Bethany Global; Martha Hall, Catholic Relief Services; Katherine Cheng, Orphan Outreach; Kate Borders, World Orphans; Sandy Spengler, Lifesong; Shelly Owens, Go Be Love; Elli Oswald, Faith to Action Initiative; and Dr. Beverly Nyberg, George Washington University & Independent Consultant)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Transition to Family Care Simulation Lab

This simulation exercise will be focused on expanding an organization’s continuum of care. Using a fictional OVC organization as a case study, practitioners will have the opportunity to think through the various components of moving toward family care, all in a low-stakes environment. Experts will be on hand to facilitate discussion and offer troubleshooting, but practitioners will take the lead in identifying new opportunities, possible barriers, and creative solutions that move an organization to supporting kids in families.

(Nicole Wilke, CAFO; Kristi Gleason, Bethany Global; Sarah Gesiriech, Faith to Action; Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach; Dr. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children; Phil Aspegren, Casa Viva; Tara Garcia, Identity Mission; Amanda Cox, Hope and Homes for Children; Randy Daniels, Buckner International; Kirti Mishra, Catholic Relief Services; David Kase, Christ’s Hope; Dr. Beverly Nyberg, George Washington University & Independent Consultant; Karen Spencer, Whole Child; and Ian Anand Forber Pratt, Children’s Emergency Relief International)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

Transitioning Donors to Accommodate New Models

We all want to provide the best care possible for those we serve. As we gain more knowledge about how best to care for orphans and vulnerable children, we may need to transition elements of our programs to reflect this new information. One essential step as we make these changes is to educate donors and bring them along on the journey – ensuring we have adequate support to transition successfully. Join this workshop for practical tips for communicating with donors and key stakeholders the new models of care, and to growing them to be your biggest advocates!

(Dr. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Trauma & Mental Health: What Does It All Mean?

Are you confused about your child’s mental health diagnosis or don’t know where to start? With so many diagnoses out there, it can be helpful to gain some clarity on the common mental health diagnoses our kiddos experience. Participants will be able to distinguish between ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder in comparison to trauma related symptoms. We will discuss therapeutic recommendations and talk about why getting the correct diagnosis is important. Lastly, we will end with a time of Q&A and interactive discussion.

(Jenn Hook, Replanted Ministry)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Trauma and Trauma Wise Care

Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, or TBRI®, is a holistic, attachment-based, and trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI® offers practical tools for caregivers and professionals to help children from hard places reach their highest potential. Join us as we explore strategies to support felt safety, connection and regulation in our children.

(Daren Jones and Amanda Purvis, TCU)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Trauma in the Classroom

This workshop will focus on reframing students’ behaviors and recognizing that developmental factors contribute to behaviors. It will also identify concrete ways to empower, connect, and correct students in educational settings including how to teach self-regulation, proactively
practice social skills, and meet physiological needs.

1. Participants will be able to reframe students’ behaviors as survival strategies instead of willful disobedience and recognizing that developmental factors contribute to

2. Participants will be able to identify three concrete ways to empower, connect, and correct students in educational settings including how to teach self-regulation, proactively
practice social skills, and meet physiological needs.

(Mandy R. Hiles Howard, Samford University)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Trust-Based Parenting: Healing the Heart and Engaging the Child

Creating healing attachment in children is foundational work for those of us caring for children from hard places. Join us as we talk about how to help children go from relational hurt to relational health. We will explore how Trust-Based Relational Intervention® takes children who have been hurt in relationship, and help them to heal through relationships. This session will provide practical tools to create healthy connection and a foundation for growth and healing.

(Daren Jones and Amanda Purvis, TCU)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Trust-Based Relationships in the Global Community

Trust-Based Relational Intervention, or TBRI®, is a holistic, attachment-based, and trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children around the world. TBRI® offers practical tools for those on the front lines, working with children who have experienced trauma. Additionally, this session will provide a framework for engaging ministry with research based tools.

(Daren Jones and Amanda Purvis, TCU)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Understanding and Embracing the Inherent Loss and Grief in Adoption

While adoption is wildly celebrated and brings joy to many, the truth is that adoption is a response to a tragedy or breakdown in a family’s life and/or community and culture. With tragedy comes loss, and as an adopted child develops, he or she is faced with making sense of the loss that must have occurred in order for adoption to be necessary. It is imperative that parents understand, acknowledge, and give voice to the various losses, allowing their children to express grief and to feel understood, known, and supported. VanderWoude names the losses and explains how parents should not be surprised when children experience grief and confusion in various ways and to various extents as they age. Additionally, time will be spent defining ambiguous loss and identifying the lifelong triggers for loss. VanderWoude will also share how to talk with children about loss and will suggest activities that may be helpful in supporting children in integrating their complex feelings about adoption.

(Tara VanderWoude, Educator and Social Worker)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Understanding the Dynamic Connection Between Emotional and Spiritual Health

We will discuss what the journey of becoming both emotionally and spiritually healthy looks like – and how to grow in that journey. Participants will leave the workshop with deeper insight to evaluate their own emotional and spiritual health.

(David Schooler, Back2Back)

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Understanding the Life and Heart of a Birth Mother

Listen to this compelling panel of birth mothers and discover what it’s like being a birth mother today in the world of openness. Also, learn practical ways to honor birth parents and how to talk about the empowering option of adoption.

(Facilitated by: Terri Marcroft, Unplanned Good & Bailey Guthrie, Brave Love Joined by: Laura Brumett, Stephanie Simpson, Dominique White, and Angela Williams, Birth Mothers)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Vibrant Ministry Springs from Healthy Souls

Whether running an organization or caring for children, ministry often leaves us spent. What habits and practices can help sustain us for the long journey — not only to persevere, but to serve amidst great hurt with light hearts and bright eyes? Join in a conversation with leaders who take this question seriously, both for themselves and the teams they lead. Come away with specific choices and habits to strengthen the soul of your ministry, your family and your team.

(Facilitated by: Jedd Medefind, CAFO Joined by: Beth Guckenberger, Back2Back Ministries; Gary Schneider, Every Orphan’s Hope; and Rich Metcalfe, Lifesong for Orphans)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

When Caring Hurts: Five Strategies to Maintaining Your Emotional Well-Being

Stepping into the lives of hurting children and adults is a calling to which many respond. The joy of seeing others find healing can bring with it a challenge of maintaining emotional health to those who help carry their burden. This workshop will take a fresh look at the impact of secondary trauma and offer strategies to maintaining one’s own emotional well-being.

(Jayne Schooler, Back2Back Ministries)

This workshop is 120 minutes.

When Life Doesn’t Match Your Picture

You had a picture of how your adoption story would go. Now life doesn’t match your picture and you shift between anxiety and despair. Learn how to choose the path of belief, practically walk in the gospel, and embrace the story God has given you.

(Jennifer Phillips, Lifeline Children’s Services)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

Working in the Shadows: Strategic Planning for Lay Leaders

Are you a lay leader unsure of your next steps? Do you want to engage more people but aren’t sure how? This workshop will cover the five elements of a lay-led orphan care ministry: your purpose, your church, your team, your plan, and yourself. Join us as we learn, collaborate, and plan how to change the culture of your church to care for orphans and vulnerable children at home and around the world. Participants will walk away with a written plan, as well as action steps to communicate with their team.

(Laura Mobley, Traders Point Christian Church & Hands of Hope)

This workshop is 60 minutes.

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