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The CAFO2016 Summit offers more MEMBERS-ONLY workshops than ever!

See below for a full list of unique opportunities for CAFO Member Organizations.

Peer Strategy & Critical Issue Groups

The best way to address issues and overcome obstacles is to do it TOGETHER. For this reason, the CAFO2016 offers a series of brand new members-only sessions: Peer Strategy Groups and Critical Issue Groups.

Here’s how they work:

Peer Strategy Groups

These are groups that will gather according to your organizational role. You will meet with others who have the same job you do to exchange best practices & help one another solve common problems. Your participation is critical! Peer Strategy Groups* may be held for the following roles:

  • CEO/Executive Directors
  • Social Media/Communications/Marketing
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Research & Outcomes Tracking
  • Program Design, Operations, & Evaluations
  • Operations/Administration
  • Volunteer & Intern Recruiters/Hiring Managers

*Final groupings will be determined based on RSVPs

Please consider bringing additional members of your key staff who need to be a part of these important conversations! (All Peer Strategy Groups will meet simultaneously.) 

Sign up here! Participate in as many groups as possible!

Critical Issue Groups

These groups will gather according to areas of critical need. You will meet with others who care about the same issues you do and tackle one of the most critical issues facing that particular area. When you register for one of the groups marked with an asterisk, we will ask you to identify the top three critical issues for your particular topic. Your input will be used to determine the issue that will get tackled during this session.

  • Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Youth Aging Out of Care (Domestic)
  • Youth Aging Out of Care (Int’l)
  • Helping Churches Start Orphan Ministries
  • Post-Adoption Services
  • Family Preservation & Reunification (Domestic)
  • Family Preservation & Reunification (Int’l)
  • Recruitment/Training of Foster Parents
  • Government & Policy Advocacy
  • Mentoring
  • Human Trafficking
  • Integrating Micro-Finance with OVC Programs
  • Working with Global Partners

*Final groupings will be determined based on RSVPs.  (All Critical Issue Groups will meet simultaneously.) 

Sign up here:

  • Feel free to write in your ideal category that may not be listed for consideration.

Collaborative & Strengthening Workshops (Member-Only)

Organizational Development

Practices of Excellent Christian Fundraising — Raising Funds and Nurturing Disciples

The biggest load many nonprofit CEOs and development directors carry often center on questions of how to more effectively raise the funds needed to sustain and grow their mission.  We’ll tackle this question head on, including expert advice on specific tools and practices.  But this discussion is not only about what we want from our donors but also on what we want for them.  We will explore how our development work can help givers grow more generous, well-informed on the issues they care about, and–most of all – more like Jesus Christ.

Mission Drift

Without careful attention, faith-based organizations will inevitably drift from their founding purpose. It’s that simple. Slowly, silently, and with little fanfare, organizations routinely drift from their mission. Peter Greer will share how to keep the organizations, schools, churches, and ministries you love to stay on track.

Donor Events that Lead to Major Gifts

We will present the current state of major donor resource development and discuss why and how major donor events not only compress the cultivation cycle for prospective donors and dramatically increase giving from current major donors, but also can make a lasting positive impact in donors’ lives.  This session is designed especially for CEOs and other fundraisers of mid-sized and large nonprofits, and includes empirical data about major donor trends and anecdotal evidence of the impact of the event model.

Foster Care

Potential Pitfalls of Building Foster Care Movements (Collaborative Working Group)

This session is for any CAFO member organization leader working in foster care.  During this time we will facilitate a discussion about the state of foster care movement across the country and identify current and future pitfalls as well as opportunities for growth.  Come ready to join in on the conversation! (Wednesday, May 4, 1:30pm – 4:30pm)


Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Residential and Foster Care (Collaborative Working Group)

Prevention, Identification and Response.  This panel session will have professionals in the field of residential and foster care discuss the issues surrounding sexual abuse in placement settings.  The topics will cover prevention, identification of sexual abuse and abusers, intervention if an incident occurs and how to respond both internally and externally. This is a significant issue facing anyone who is involved in orphan ministry. There will be time allotted for questions and discussion with the panelist.

Working with Indigenous Partners: Empowerment with Accountability (Collaborative Working Group)

Join other CAFO leaders for a collaborative discussion on the challenges and solutions for working with indigenous parents.  Bring your experiences and lessons learned.  Come ready to exchange ideas on strengthening partnerships through empowerment with accountability.

CAFO Member Brain Trust: Monitoring & Evaluation

We all desire deeply to care well for vulnerable children, but how do we make sure we are moving in the right direction? Measuring progress can seem complex, but you are not in it alone. Bring your questions, answers, problems, and solutions regarding monitoring and evaluation, and learn from and teach other practitioners with the same goal: to care for orphans and vulnerable children with excellence. This members-only session will be heavily discussion focused. Please bring any M&E-related resources you are willing to share.

On-Boarding New Staff: Preparing Others for God’s Call

Why do many staff new to mission/orphan care organizations run into crisis on the field? The causes of strain can be many, from unmet expectations to financial struggles to the difficulty of navigating new places, languages and cultures. This interactive workshop will offer the opportunity to learn how better to prepare on-coming staff for the challenges ahead. Participants will also learn about effective assessment tools, including how to administer expectation surveys and how to interview potential staff through behavioral interviewing based on six areas of assessments. During the workshop, individuals will actually participate in the interviewing process.


Discerning Warning Signs of Adoption Disruption or Dissolution: A Summary of Cases Reviewed

A vital part of preventing adoption breakdown is recognizing early indicators of special risk. Bethany Christian Services has carried out an extensive review of its adoptive family data to identify potential predictors of disruption and other problems. While not a scientific study, the findings shed light on key issues and warning signals. BCS staff will share their review process and findings, and will facilitate discussion to draw from the experience of the practitioners present.

Top 10 Trends Affecting Orphan Care Agencies

Come join a discussion on ten key trends that agencies experience each day. Hear how these trends are affecting adoption processes, families, children, expectations. Explore examples of how trends are affecting agencies directly and ways that ministry leaders speak into these critical issues .

Recruiting Families for International Children – Effective Agency Strategies to Increase Resource Families

With the changing landscape of international adoption, substantial challenges exist to the recruiting of families. From lengthy wait times and high program fees, to the many fluctuations in placing countries and the significant special needs of the children needing families, international adoption presents very differently as an option to families than a decade ago. And yet many thousands of children are legally available for adoption who will likely not be adopted in-country, and agencies often struggle to recruit enough families to provide homes for the children referred to them. This workshop is intended to share ethical recruitment methods that agencies are learning help drive results. A panel of agency staff will share their recruitment “trade secrets” of what works today, what doesn’t, and which new strategies are being explored and/or implemented, with the goal of creating a dialogue on recruitment best practices between participants and workshop presenters.

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