More Than Enough Together: A Pre-Summit Intensive for Local Foster Care Collaborators

When it comes to foster care transformation in your community, you are all in.  You believe that more than enough is possible in your county and you are excited to see the power of collaboration at work on behalf of children and families in your community.  

However, if you are like most of the rest of us, you might be thinking “Yes . . . but how?”

Many local collaborations can flounder for months or even years trying to put into place some of the basic building blocks needed to gain momentum.  Whether you’ve been floundering already or you’d like to avoid the floundering stage as much as possible on the road ahead, we’ve created a brand new interactive intensive experience just for you called More Than Enough Together.

We will bring together some of the best minds in the country each focusing on one of five basic building blocks of local foster care collaboration:

  • Communications

There’s no question that you have passion, but how that passion is packaged into your messaging and how that messaging is delivered are vital.  From the way you describe your mission to pictures you use on your website, you are either communicating confusion or providing a clearly defined path toward engagement for your audience.  This session will help you step away from confusion and toward clarity.

  • Fundraising

For many people, fundraising feels like a necessary evil.  But what if we told you, it could actually become one of your greatest sources of joy and places of ministry?  I know you don’t believe us, but it is possible, and we are going to provide you with some very practical steps to begin experiencing that reality.

  • Church Engagement

Church engagement is one of the biggest struggles many local collaborations face.  However, there are some very simple questions you should be asking about your approach to churches that can make all the difference.

  • Data and Technology

Getting to more than enough requires knowing what “enough” is in the first place.  If you’ve been at this for very long, you know that this is trickier than it sounds.  However, there are leaders and tools that can help you make some serious headway on this front.

  • Local Network Health

Getting people together in a room to talk about foster care in your community is relatively easy.  But getting them to collaborate in a healthy and effective way on an ongoing basis feels much more daunting.  The good news is, you’re not the first to try and do it.  Much has been learned about the power of collaborative local networks and their ability to change things.  You will gain insights that will sharpen your understanding of how to build and maintain healthy and effective collaborations so that more children and families can be helped.

Intensive Information

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2020

Check In: 7:30am – 8:00am
Intensive: 8:00am – 2:30pm

Location: Vineyard Cincinnati Church, OH


  • $99 – non-member
  • $69 – member

For 2 people from the same community*

  • $89/person – non-member
  • $59/person – member

For 3 or more people from the same community*

  • $74/person – non-member
  • $44/person – member

*same community is defined as same city, county or metro area.

Can earn 5 CEU hours for this intensive.

  • Church lay-leaders and staff
  • Bridge Org leaders and staff
  • CPA leaders and staff
  • Non-profit leaders and staff