Moving from being consciously compassionate to competently compassionate is the heartbeat of the Trauma Competent Caregiver training curriculum. This training series is evidenced-based and rooted in a biblical foundation. It is designed to equip those involved in caring for orphaned and vulnerable children with the knowledge and skills God uses to help wounded children heal and grow into what they were created to be.
During this two day workshop, you will hear from the Back2Back Ministries Child Development Team on trauma informed care, will receive all training materials necessary to use the curriculum in your own setting, and will receive plans for follow-up and support to help you be successful. Due to our time constraints the module on Self-Care will not be included in these two days. There will be a breakout session on self-care by Dr. David Schooler available during the Summit Breakout Sessions. This workshop has been successfully trained in over 25 countries and is available in English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Korean, with plans for translation into other languages as well.
This year you will be able to choose from 2 focus rooms. We will be offering a room with a foster care and adoption focus and a room with an international orphan care focus. The training content is the same. The only difference will be in the case studies. In order to maximize the benefits of this workshop, attendance in each room is limited.

Date: Monday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 8

Time: Monday 9:00am – 5pm, Tuesday, 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco TX

Cost: $199 (Non-Member), $149 (CAFO Member)

CEU Eligible: 11 CEU credit hours available for completing the full 2 days, see instructions to obtain credit here

Module 1: Trauma and Its Impact on the Life of a Child

Module 2: Understanding Trauma and Age-Related Developmental Impact

Module 3: Becoming a Trauma Competent Caregiver: The Journey

Module 4: Essential Skills 1 and 2

  • Using tools to understand the impact of trauma
  • Maximizing a child’s sense of felt safety

Module 5: Essential Skill 3

  • Helping a child to reduce overwhelming emotions and build connections

Module 6: Essential Skill 4

  • Helping a child to modify overwhelming behaviors and build connections

Module 7: Essential Skill 5

  • Supporting past relationships and promoting positive new ones

Module 8: Essential Skill 6

  • Helping a child develop a strength-based understanding of his/her life

Monday, May 7

Doors open at 8:30am

9:00am-10:30am  |  Session 1

10:30-10:45am  |  Break

10:45am-12:15pm  |  Session 2

12:15-1:00pm  |  Lunch Break

1:00-2:30pm  |  Session 3

2:30-2:45pm  |  Break

2:45-5:00pm  |  Session 4


Tuesday, May 8

Doors open at 8:30am

9:00-10:30am  |  Session 6

10:30-10:45am  |  Break

10:45am-12:15pm  |  Session 7

12:15-1:00pm  |  Lunch Break

1:00-2:30pm  |  Session

Dr. David Schooler, Th.D., and Jayne Schooler MBS/BA, Back2Back Ministries

Dr. David and Jayne Schooler began the journey into the world of foster care and adoption in 1978, with a simple question by a youth in their church. “Would you become my foster parents?”  They answered yes and that changed the direction of their lives.

David has served in the pastoral and counseling ministry for over 40 years. Much of his current focus is on working with adults who have a lifetime impact of early childhood trauma. Both David and Jayne are recognized nationally and internationally as speakers/trainers in the field of adoption and foster care, working with Back2Back Ministries and partnering with LAMb International, and Orphan’s Promise.

Jayne is the author/co-author of eight books in the field of child welfare including Wounded Children, Healing Homes: How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Parents and  Parenting in Transracial Adoption.  Serving now full time with Back2Back Ministries their international work takes them regularly to India, Nigeria, Mexico and Haiti. Recently, two of her books have been translated into Russian and Polish. David and Jayne are parents by birth and adoption and grandparents of four.

Julie Cooper, Back2Back Ministries

Julie Cooper has dedicated her life to engaging orphan care issues in the United States and internationally.  Her first job in 1997 as staff for a residential treatment facility for teenage sex offenders opened her eyes to the complex and enormous need for competent caregivers.

In 2003, after fostering and adopting in Indiana, Julie and her husband moved to Mexico to serve internationally with Back2Back Ministries.  There they worked alongside children’s home directors to help bring holistic care to children   They were also house parents to 8 teenage boys which gave her first hand experience and deeper understanding of what it looks like daily to live out growth and healing in the lives of kids from hard places.

In 2010, Julie and her husband pioneered a new Back2Back site, offering hope and care in Cancun, Mexico.  During that time they were able to work in the government children’s home and several marginalized communities.

Now, living in Ohio with her husband and 6 children, Julie works with Back2Back Ministries to share resources aimed at equipping orphan and foster care ministries. Sharing Trauma Competent Caregiver training has been a large focus.  She has been training nationally and internationally with Dr. David and Jayne Schooler for two years.