Here are your next steps!

1. Guidelines

Review the guidelines for presenting this year.

2. Register

Summit registration is required. Use free code: 22PRE-CAFO

3. Agreement Form

Must be completed by July 31 to present.

4. Submit Applicable Materials

Workshop Presenters: Send an outline or presentation slides by August 31st.
Better Together Facilitators: Send an outline by August 31st (please remember slides are not necessary for these conversation-rich sessions).

Presenter, Facilitator, Host, & Coach Expectations

Please review these expectations carefully prior to completing the agreement form.

1. Teach/Facilitate/Coach what your title & description says you will teach/facilitate/coach.  Surveys with lower ratings often reflect that the presentation/discussion/coaching table did not focus on what the description indicated.  Review the description (edit if necessary) and be clear on the theme and intended audience. Mention that intended audience at the start of the session so attendees can select another workshop/room/table if they arrived by accident. As much as possible, include an interactive element.

2. Focus on the HOW not the WHY.  Hands down the most positive feedback comes from presenters/facilitators/coaches who give attendees practical “how-tos” they can put into action. The CAFO audience largely understands the James 1:27 mandate (or another example, why we need to be trauma-informed).  For almost every workshop/room/table, no more than five minutes laying the “why” foundation is sufficient.  (Please also refrain from long “introductory” remarks  — i.e. long greetings, biographical or organizational information, etc.)

3. Integrate the Summit theme “Planted, Not Buried” into your topic.   All of Summit will echo with the same 2022 theme.  We ask that this theme play a central role in your workshop/room/table also.  Please do all you can to spotlight specific relational actions/choices that you believe make the biggest difference.  For example, if you are speaking on effective partnership with government, emphasize the one (or few) things most critical to doing that well…and specifics of how to embody that priority in specific practices, policies, relationships, etc.

4. Session Feedback: Attendees will receive regular opportunities for session feedback throughout and after the event. 

Workshop Presenters (ONLY):
Begin and end your session with these provided CAFO PRESENTER SLIDES. Please invite attendees to complete the session evaluations online on their phone.  (No paper evaluations will be available).


5. Sessions should not focus on describing or promoting the presenter’s/facilitator’s/coach’s ministry, services, or products. While it is entirely appropriate to include examples from your ministry, focus should be on insight and principles that are broadly applicable. If you wish to provide information on your organization or programs, please provide your contact information and encourage the attendees to connect with you at your exhibit table or elsewhere.

Incorporating the Theme

The CAFO2022 theme is: Planted, Not Buried
We’d love for you to consider where and how this theme could fit naturally into what you will teach/facilitate/coach.

Why is this the theme?

This vision will pulse in all that we explore together at the CAFO2022 Summit – from corporate worship to keynote talks, workshop learning to mealtime fellowship. Together, we will deepen and grow as a people planted by God Himself.  People who anticipate the good God can bring from what feels like death.  People who experience planting again and again in their daily lives.  People who join with their good Father and one another in His planting, too.

Read more on the explanation of this year’s theme.

How should this theme shape your session?
Please don’t feel you need to “force” anything into your content if it would feel awkward. But please do look for ways and places our theme would fit naturally with what you’ll be sharing. We’ll be working to weave aspects of this vision throughout all of CAFO2022. So, by connecting your content to this theme, even in small ways, you’ll resonate with and build on things that your audience will likely be thinking about and feeling deeply. Perhaps you could begin with a story or personal experience of where this resonated with you and your organization.

Post-workshop/room/table attendee surveys will ask whether they felt the session connected to the CAFO2022 theme. By helping them make that connection, you’ll be giving them a precious gift!

Arrival & Meals


Lunch on Thursday is provided, as well as snacks throughout Summit.  (There will be local food trucks on-site with yummy items for purchase during the dinner hours.)


  • This is an important process.  Upon arrival, please (1) check-in at the main Summit registration. Then (2) proceed to check-in with the Presenter Coordinator (Ashley Phelan) in the Presenter Hospitality Room (105) for your materials & special gift (while supplies last). (This will allow us to know you are here!)
  • To be sure your room is ready for your session, please find it right away upon arrival and ask Ashley about any needs. The map is available on the CAFO2022 App.
  • Workshop Presenters, please arrive early to your session and introduce yourself to the volunteer host assigned to your room (if there is one present, this is not guaranteed).  If there is a host present, he or she will assist you in distributing your optional handouts (that you bring).
  • Better Together Room Facilitators and Coaching Table Coaches, please arrive early to your session.
  • A Presenter Hospitality Room will be available for your convenience. (Don’t miss this room with special snacks & drinks, gifts *while supplies last,* and a private prep and rest area for you!  This room is a favorite for many.)  The room number is 105.

Handouts & Materials

Session Material & Guidelines

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permission before using materials created by a third party and/or appropriately acknowledge the origin of such materials in your session. You also indemnify CAFO and hold them harmless for any claims/damages in connection with your session. You are responsible to bring any printed handouts (we cannot print them on-site for you).



You are free to provide written materials to participants relating to and/or supplementing your session. (You may also wish to reference online resources.) Written materials may include handouts, outlines, forms, articles, book lists, websites, and other helpful resources relating to the session’s topic. (Currently plan on approximately 75 – 100 handouts for workshops, 30-45 handouts for Better Together rooms, and seven handouts for coaching tables.  Additional estimates may be provided as they become available.)  If you’d like your attendees to have electronic access to any applicable session handouts, they can be posted on the CAFO2022 app.  Please send PDF versions to by August 31 (we cannot guarantee postings after this date).

No printing is available on-site. Please take care of any necessary printing or copying off-site before arrival. The closest Office Depot is about 1.5 miles from the church and is located at: 1287 JOHNSON FERRY ROAD Marietta, GA 30068

Meet Your Presenter/ Facilitator Coordinator

Ashley Phelan will be your coordinator again this year.  She can be reached on her cell phone via voice/text at 559-305-3111 (PST).  Ashley’s email is


Prior to Summit

Review & Double-Check

Please confirm everything on the website (title, description, presenter(s)) is correct (if it isn’t, please contact Ashley ASAP).  The print deadline is September 1.  Any changes made after that date will not be reflected in the printed program or the app.

Extra Learning & Resources

In addition to general event promotions, there are a few specific ways available to begin advertising your session and preparing your audience:

Start preparing your audience now!  List any of your recommended resources to serve and prepare your attendees in advance.  We will list & link to these on the app. (Examples may include: A book, blog post, article links, video link or embed code, audio clip link, etc.).  Resources should pertain to the theme of your session. Email any resources to by August 19.
Use the ready-made tools to spotlight your session on your blog, website, and email lists. You are your best advertisement to your audience!



As you blog about your session, please share with us so we can echo on our social media!

CAFO2022 Schedule, Timing, & Demographics

Schedule and Timing

September 28-30, 2022.

Please note the length as session times vary (i.e. 60 and 75 minutes).  Workshop Presenters: please leave time for Q&A at the endBetter Together Facilitators: please guide interaction through focused group training, targeted problem-solving, and conversation/Q&A throughout the session.  Most workshops, Better Together rooms, meet-ups, and coaching table information (including your session description and scheduled time slot) can be found online)If you find that your schedule conflicts in any way, please let Ashley Phelan know immediately by emailing

Please pay special note of your session time limits. We would like attendees to glean as much from you as possible. Therefore it is critical that no speaker takes time away from other speakers.


Audience Demographics

While estimates for this year’s Summit are still forming, we anticipate between 1,700 – 2,000 attendees.  The attendees will mostly be composed of lay leaders and pastors engaged in church-based ministry, non-profit organizational leaders, prospective/current/veteran adoptive and foster parents, advocates, and state and private agency professionals.

To avoid being too general, please consider the specific intended audience for your session and make that clear.  Very few sessions are geared toward every attendee.

Can I invite additional Co-Presenters, Facilitators, Hosts or Coaches?

Each presenter, facilitator, coach, and meet-up host invited by CAFO receives one free registration. If a session leader wishes to include an additional co-presenter/co-facilitator/co-host from their organization, that individual must be pre-approved.  In cases where the allotted presenter/facilitator/host slots have been filled, the co-presenter/co-facilitator/co-host from the same organization may be required to pay for his/her registration using the discounted member rate.  Please do not invite co-presenters, co-facilitators, panelists, etc. without emailing Elizabeth or Ashley first.  

Please note that due to the highly interactive and intentional small table size (of eight people total – including the coach), we ask that only one coach be present for the coaching table sessions.  We want to allow as many attendees as possible to attend, and with only seven spots open at each table, only one facilitator present is key.  Thank you for understanding!

Room, AV/Tech, Wifi, & Recording

Workshop/Better Together Audio-Visual Notes

Please let Ashley know of any special audio-visual needs no later than August 19th. Please bring a laptop with a HDMI port *AND* HDMI cable if you wish to display a PowerPoint presentation.  (If you have a Mac, please bring any adapter necessary to get you to HDMI.  We will not have adapters on hand to borrow, so sorry!)

Short video clips will work if they are built into your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Rooms will either have a TV or a screen.  In some rooms, audio will be run through the TV screens. If your presentation requires audio, please bring audio cables *in case* your room requires it (something like this  – depending on your individual computer requirements). Unfortunately, we will not have audio cables on hand to borrow.

Workshop and Better Together Room Set-Up

  • Screens or TVs will be provided in most workshop breakout classrooms. Please provide your own laptop. Presenters will need to have an HDMI (not USB or VGA) hookup from their laptops.  Please also provide your own HDMI and audio cables (see above).
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BETTER TOGETHER ROOMS: “Better Together Rooms” are designed to be intentionally smaller gatherings than workshops in order to provide a more interactive space. (We’ve found this hugely beneficial to the attendees.)  Some of these will be used to solve a specific problem, receive more specific training on a topic, or hold a discussion/ Q&A, etc. One of the goals for the facilitators of these rooms is to make them as interactive and “hands-on” as possible (NOT instructional).  Therefore, PPTs are not necessary/needed for Better Together Rooms.  If you’d still like to present a PPT, we ask that they only be used to guide the conversation along and NOT be for instruction purposes. Please let Ashley know immediately so she can *try* to secure an appropriate room for you (these are not guaranteed).
  • Workshop Presenters: If you’re using a Mac, you will need to provide your own video output adapter (one that will get you to HDMI). 
  • All rooms will be set up in either theater seating or rounds.  This set-up will be predetermined based on overall event needs.

Coaching Tables Room Set-Up

  • Each coaching table will be in an individual small(er) room.
  • Every table seats eight people (one facilitator and seven attendees). A coaching table volunteer will be present in the area to guide attendees to the right room and help be sure that no table becomes overcrowded. Feel very free to let any overflow attendees know the room is full. It is up to you if you’d like to share your information so that those who cannot sit in can meet with you at a separate time.
  • Attendees may stay the entire hour or come and go during the hour for coaching and counsel as needed. No pre-sign-up is required this year.
  • In addition to the coaching table volunteer, the nearby help desk staff will be available for any needs or questions.
  • The goal of these coaching tables is to provide personalized and/or small group coaching on given topics.

Recording & Promotional Materials

By submitting the agreement above, you agree that the Alliance may use your image and other information related to you in promotional materials including video, audio, or print. You also permit the Alliance to record your entire workshop session and to broadcast and/or sell audio, video, transcripts, or derivative products thereof.  Recordings of each workshop session will be available for sale on-site unless the presenter requests otherwise.


Wifi is available on-site (no password is needed). However, due to the large number on-site, we strongly recommend presenters/facilitators download all needed materials and presentations to their laptops prior to arriving. Please do not depend on the wifi for any streaming needs.