Every year a mighty team of volunteers provides hospitality, direction, and helping hands to the CAFO Summit. Each year, the volunteers' service, heart and smile shapes the experience of the attendees. Whether you are the ideal people person, expert behind the scenes runner, chief organizer or strong box-lifter, there is a place for you! Will you join the team?


Who can volunteer?

Volunteer slots are filled by all ages, beginning with responsible older students to all seasons of adulthood.

If I’m a volunteer, do I have to pay to attend?

No!  Registration is our gift to full-time volunteers.

How many volunteer hours are requested to receive free registration?

Each volunteer will be assigned to a particular volunteer team for the slots he/she is available.   We ask volunteers to be available to their team for any days they are on-site.  While we consider volunteer an all-in experience, each role has multiple “free times” throughout the day where volunteers can join any Summit session.

I’ve signed up! What’s next?

Over the coming months, the volunteer coordinators will match your available times & interests with a volunteer team. (See form above for various teams).   They will send you details for your role a few weeks in advance.  A virtual or in-person orientation time will be set closer to the event.

Volunteer sign-up opportunities coming soon!