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Another Moving Video Honoring the Difficult Choice of a Birthmother

Fresh on the heals of the potent “One in 7 Billion” videos from the Radiance Foundation is another very well done video story that highlights both the beauty and difficulty of choosing life for one’s child through adoption.  “The Story of Clay Stevens” is well worth the 2 ½ minutes it takes to watch (below).  […]

Amazing How Much Can Be Said in 30-Seconds: Brilliant Video from Radiance Foundation

The Radiance Foundation is launching a truly brilliant series of videos this month, celebrating the value of every life and the beauty of adoption as an alternative for women facing unplanned pregnancy.  Its tagline captures the vision: “Turn the unplanned into a loving plan.” See the first 30-second video in the series, “Meet Jonny Moses” […]

A Moving Story in 2 1/2 Minutes

This moving story requires no analysis.  Just gratitude to God for working in such remarkable ways—as He so often does through those willing to let the unexpected come.  

Whole Life Instead of Pro-Life?

A great article by Mark Andreas ran in the most recent Capitol Commentary, titled Whole Life Instead of Pro-Life? The piece thoughtfully describes what should be the inseparable link between pro-life conviction and Christian commitment to adoption, orphan care and practical support for birth parents…and calls for more of it.  Marc is an adoptive dad […]

NY Times Column on Abortion, Adoption and Fertility in America

The New York Times yesterday carried a surprisingly frank and poignantly written piece on the complex intertwining of issues related to abortion, adoption and fertility in America.  As Ross Douthat concludes in The Unborn Paradox, “This is the paradox of America’s unborn. No life is so desperately sought after, so hungrily desired, so carefully nurtured. […]