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The Most Significant Challenge Facing Adoption in America

Last month, the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute issued “Keeping the Promise,” a highly significant report exploring the state of adoption and adoptive families across America.  Although the report was not written from a Christian perspective, in my view it would be hard to overstate the importance of its conclusion for the growing Christian adoption […]

One Who Did Not Come from Your Knee

Among the many remarkable individuals I met at the Lausanne Congress was an Ethiopian doctor named Henok.  His young-looking face and bright eyes hinted at the warm and gentle spirit one encounters in speaking with him.  Henok studied medicine in Germany.  But unlike many from Africa who receive professional training in the West, Henok decided […]

Story from New Guinea

My cousin Gavin and his wife Carrie serve with Wycliffe in Papua, New Guinea.   He’s a missionary pilot and, in addition to other responsibilities, she helps lead health initiatives in the region where they live.  AIDS is already a serious issue there, and my sense from what Carrie has shared is that the HIV/AIDS situation […]

Russell Moore: Is the Orphan My Neighbor

Russell Moore has posted a tremendous article on God’s call to care for the fatherless:  its beauty and its costs, and the fears we have in stepping forward to embrace these two elements fully.  Here’s the intro, with a link to the full article below: I will never forget seeing her pull the measuring tape […]

Upcoming Conferences

Two great conferences are coming up for adoption, foster and orphan care advocates in the northeast and in the Texas region.  We’ve already highlighted them in our newsletters, but as the dates approach, it is not yet too late to register. These regional conferences are a tremendous way for adoptive families and other advocates for […]

T4A and Electric People

The Together for Adoption Conference last week in Austin was a rousing success, not only in numbers, but especially in the vibrant spirit of everyone present.  The simple truth is that there is something remarkable about Christians who’ve become passionate about orphans.  They’re electric.  But this is no self-generated electricity, or enthusiasm that is mostly […]