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Something to Celebrate: Congress Preserves the Adoption Tax Credit!

With all the hurt in our world, it sometimes feels there are more things to mourn than celebrate. But today, the U.S. Congress gave us good reason to cheer. The adoption tax credit – which provides substantive support for families when they welcome a child into their home – was preserved. It had been slated […]

FAQs on the Adoption Tax Credit

In early 2012, the Christian Alliance for Orphans joined with other respected groups in the “Save the Adoption Tax Credit” coalition alongside a number of other excellent organizations and networks. (See list of the Executive Committee at bottom).  Several months ago, it appeared highly possible that the Tax Credit would expire at the end of […]

Three Cheers: Adoption Tax Credit Made Permanent!

There is much yet to analyze about the American Taxpayer Relief Act (“Fiscal Cliff” Bill) passed by Congress last night, but it is clear there’s at least one element orphan advocates can especially cheer:  the Adoption Tax Credit has been saved. The permanent extension of the Adoption Tax Credit not only guarantees vital financial help […]

The Adoption Tax Credit Extension Is Now in a Bill

As previously highlighted, the adoption tax credit will be greatly limited if it is not extended by December 31.  Recently, a bill to extend the credit was introduced.   Supporters can now ask their member of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor the bi-partisan H.R. 4373, known as the “Making Adoption Affordable Act.” (Note that although […]

Saving the Adoption Tax Credit

Many families that are willing to welcome a child into their home via adoption face a major barrier:  costs.  Even for families considering adoption from foster care, which typically costs very little, the expenses of caring for a new child can be a big hurdle.  So to help defray the expenses of adoption and get […]

IRS Provides Further Guidance on Adoption Tax Credit

Although the IRS released some guidance last year on applying for the Adoption Tax Credit, many family have still faced challenges in receiving the credit.  Personally, I recently went through a somewhat time consuming process of having to provide additional documentation to the IRS to prove that we were, in fact, owed the credit.  So […]