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Christianity Today on “How Can Churches Best Support Parents Who Adopt from Overseas?”

This month’s Christianity Today contains three perspectives exploring ways that church communities can encourage and aid adoptive families.  The response I wrote for CT is below and I’d definitely encourage you to read the two other articles as well–by Johnny Carr and Megan Hill.  All three are now online:  How Can Churches Best Support Parents […]

Glimpses of a Growing Movement

Today there are some 150 regional Orphan Sunday coordinators across the U.S., and equal that number in other countries as well.  More churches are getting involved daily, and it is thrilling to see how God continues to grow this simple vision born in a hard-pressed African church. It’s easy to forget how small, new and […]

Reuter’s Reports on Adoption “Re-Homing”

Reuter’s recently released a series of “investigative reports” on the deeply painful dilemma of adoption disruption.  The series explored the “re-homing” that sometimes takes place when an adoption fails, as desperate families seek a new placement for the child they adopted. These situations can be as difficult and complex as virtually any human dilemma.  But […]

Jen Hatmaker: “The Truth About Adoption—Two Years Later”

With characteristic honesty and insight, Jen Hatmaker reflected this Tuesday on the high highs and low lows of the past two years since the Hatmaker family welcomed two new members via adoption. The reflections offer a raw and refreshing frankness….of the kind we need more in orphan care, foster care and adoption….and, for that matter, […]