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Top 10 Reasons to Be at Summit VII

We combined your ideas with ours and came up with top 10 favorite reasons to come to Summit! 1. INSPIRING SPEAKERS. From an NFL star to authors of the most loved […]

Seed Adoption Video

As shared in a recent post, the Alliance is thrilled to join in the Seed Adoption initiative.  A new video conveying the heart of Seed Adoption was released today, and […]

Remarkable Web-Wide Blog Posts on Summit VI

It’s been thrilling to see the blog posts across the Web sharing experiences from Summit VI.    A sampling is below.   (Note:  no one encouraged or solicited these!)  The posts speak […]

CBS News on Foster Need

CBS News providing a compelling window into the needs of foster youth in Montgomery, AL.   Some may read into the coverage an unnecessarily attempt to pit inter-country adoption against domestic […]