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Another Moving Video Honoring the Difficult Choice of a Birthmother

Fresh on the heals of the potent “One in 7 Billion” videos from the Radiance Foundation is another very well done video story that highlights both the beauty and difficulty of choosing life for one’s child through adoption.  “The Story of Clay Stevens” is well worth the 2 ½ minutes it takes to watch (below).  […]

Hospital Adoption Support Program

Christians motivated toward foster care and adoption in the U.S. typically focus on children older than infants.   That’s because over the past several decades a variety of factors, both good and bad, have dramatically reduced the number of babies needing adoption in the U.S.  Even so, each year some 14,000-18,000 women facing unexpected pregnancies choose […]

Art With a Mission III: Photograph & a Poignant Story

When talking about art that can fuel movements, photography deserves a central place.  Photographs help us feel the reality of things we’d previously grasped only on an intellectual level.  They carry a deep power to connect mind with heart, moving individuals from cerebral agreement to passionate action. A number of tremendous humanitarian photographers have contributed […]