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My Favorite Graduation Speech Ever

I’ve heard many graduation speeches and remember few.  But this is one I won’t soon forget.  Truth be told, after a friend shared it with me recently, I quickly decided […]

An Empty Nest…Refilled

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Brian and Debbie Holt.  A few years ago, with the freedom and opportunity of an “empty nest” just ahead, Brian and […]

China’s Changing Orphan Situation

Two write-ups on orphans in China came across my radar today.  Both carry special significance for people with a heart for China’s orphans. They also underscore a broader reality orphan […]

Big Trend Changes in Adoptions from China

A significant AP article describes well both the big picture and the personal reality of the dramatic changes seen in adoptions coming from China over recent years.   Just a few […]