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My Favorite Graduation Speech Ever

I’ve heard many graduation speeches and remember few.  But this is one I won’t soon forget.  Truth be told, after a friend shared it with me recently, I quickly decided it was — in its own humble way — the best I’ve ever heard…not to mention the shortest. It’s just raw video of a young […]

Reflections on Adoption from a Champion of In-Country Orphan Care

My friend Trace Thurlby and his family welcomed a new son this week – a 13-year old boy from China, Liam. I was moved by Trace’s reflections on this momentous day and asked his permission to share them here. Trace helps lead CAFO Member the Global Orphan Project. Like so many of the remarkable men […]

An Empty Nest…Refilled

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Brian and Debbie Holt.  A few years ago, with the freedom and opportunity of an “empty nest” just ahead, Brian and Debbie made a choice that turned expectations upside-down for them and their three sons.  Brian expressed to me, “I’ve been in church all my life, […]

China’s Changing Orphan Situation

Two write-ups on orphans in China came across my radar today.  Both carry special significance for people with a heart for China’s orphans. They also underscore a broader reality orphan advocates sometimes miss:  that the situation facing orphans in any given country can change markedly over time.  Drivers of change can range from more obvious […]

Big Trend Changes in Adoptions from China

A significant AP article describes well both the big picture and the personal reality of the dramatic changes seen in adoptions coming from China over recent years.   Just a few years ago, most adoptions from China were of healthy, infant girls; and the wait time was often between 1-2 years or less.  Today, wait times […]