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The Whole is Greater — From the Christian Leadership Alliance

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) blog this month carries an article on how well-coordinated partnership can multiply impact. I see this daily. As the organizations and churches that have become part of CAFO join together, the result goes far beyond what any organization could achieve alone.  This shared, synchronized effort has helped grow and guide […]

Conferences Outside the Movement Increasingly Highlight Adoption, Foster and Orphan Care

Conference can be true catalysts for social change:  uniting the like-minded, affirming shared vision, spreading significant ideas and models, and more. There’s been a virtual explosion of conferences on adoption, foster and orphan care in recent years.  These events both affirm and help fuel a growing movement. But what might not be as obvious is […]

Un-Marketing Our Leadership: Christian Leadership Alliance Webinar

I’ll be teaching for the Christian Leadership Alliance’s (CLA) leadership webinar series this Thursday, April 24 with a presentation titled, “Un-Marketing Leadership:  Authentic Communication for a Marketing-Weary Culture.” The webinar will draw from the themes of my book, UPENDED, with a focus on organizational leaders, missional influencers and issue advocates.  We’ll explore communication choices that […]