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An All-Too-Rare Example of Contention Moving Toward Consensus

The current Christianity Today spotlights the ongoing shift in orphan care today – from orphanage-centered programs toward solutions that enable care within families. The title reads, “Why Christians are Abandoning the Orphanage.” As with so many debates today, this topic can quickly devolve into animosity among warring camps. On the one hand, it’s not entirely […]

Six Ways Singles Can Help Orphans

CT carries a great article on Six Ways Singles Can Help Orphans. It articulates clearly (and practically!) a central truth that CAFO always seeks to champion. Not every Christian is called to adopt or foster or mentor. But every Christian community is called to live out the pure religion that “looks after orphans and widows […]

CT on Orphan Care in a Complex World

Christianity Today this month carries a brief but thoughtful editorial asking how Christians should respond in light of the painful complexity that is always involved in caring for orphans.  “Four Powerful Ways to Solve the Crisis in Orphan Care” argues, “Despite fraud and scandal, resourceful evangelicals are meeting an urgent need.”  It urges four specific […]

Christianity Today on “How Can Churches Best Support Parents Who Adopt from Overseas?”

This month’s Christianity Today contains three perspectives exploring ways that church communities can encourage and aid adoptive families.  The response I wrote for CT is below and I’d definitely encourage you to read the two other articles as well–by Johnny Carr and Megan Hill.  All three are now online:  How Can Churches Best Support Parents […]

Addressing Poverty is Rocket Science

This month’s Christianity Today carries an important piece from Richard Stearns, author of The Hole in Our Gospel.  The article, titled “Solving Poverty Is Rocket Science,” expresses articulately the point we often seek to make on this blog:  that good intentions aren’t enough, and that responsible Christians are called not only to love, but to […]

Christian Giving Trends

Christianity Today carries a fascinating article on giving trends among evangelicals—a theme previously noted on this blog.  Along with other highlights, it describes the way that adoption and orphan care have risen dramatically in recent years as a vibrant expression of Christian giving.  It’s further confirmation of the expanding response to God’s call to care […]