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Christian Giving for Orphans Keeps Rising: The Power of Together

Talk of “working together” are buzzwords, often said and rarely done. But when it is done well, there’s little more compelling…or impactful. I recall how struck I was when I first learned about the Christian Alliance for Orphans. I was serving in the White House, and some of CAFO’s volunteers leaders asked if I’d be […]

Dramatic Growth in Christian Investment in Orphan Care

Giving by Christians to care for orphaned and vulnerable children has grown significantly since 2010 – rising much faster than charitable giving overall. Recently-released data shows last year was no exception. Charitable giving by all Americans grew by a strong 4.1 percent in 2015. But the new ECFA “State of Giving Report” (reporting on 2015 […]

ECFA Article on the Christian Orphan Care Movement

The current edition of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability’s (ECFA) quarterly publication, Focus on  Nonprofit Accountability, carries an encouraging article on the growing Christian orphan care movement.  It reports: Today, it appears the church is decisively re-earning its reputation as a people who take special care for the orphan. Outside observers, from the Washington […]

Christian Giving Trends

Christianity Today carries a fascinating article on giving trends among evangelicals—a theme previously noted on this blog.  Along with other highlights, it describes the way that adoption and orphan care have risen dramatically in recent years as a vibrant expression of Christian giving.  It’s further confirmation of the expanding response to God’s call to care […]

Where Your Treasure Is: 2011 ECFA Giving Report Give Powerful Evidence of Blooming Orphan Movement

If our hearts abide where our treasure goes, then the heart of American Christianity is increasingly close to the orphan in distress. The Evangelical Coalition for Financial Accountability (ECFA) last week released its 2011 State of Giving Report.  The report contained 29 giving categories.  Remarkably, three of the four categories receiving the largest giving increases […]

Giving to the “Cause of the Fatherless” Up

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) this week released its annual “State of Giving Report,” which explores giving trends for Evangelical ministries.  The report finds that, despite the major economic downturn, giving from 2007 to 2009 decreased only 0.1 percent. Perhaps even more notable for Christians committed to the plight of orphans, the report […]