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Race and Adoption in America: Glimmers of Hope Amidst Dark Times

Even as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week, it’s hard not to feel a shadow over the land. For many whites, it is the wrecked illusion of a post-racial America. For people of color, it is the numerous recent reminders of how elusive Dr. King’s dream remains. But even […]

CT: Piper on Racism

An article in this month’s Christianity Today continues in the vein of a recent blog post here on “Race and Adoption” and last month’s Alliance webinar on “Transracial Adoption.”  The article is an excerpt from Piper’s new book, Bloodlines.  It’s provocatively titled, “Piper:  I Was Racist:  How the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church went from […]

“Transracial Adoption” and “Starting Church Foster Ministry” Webinars Now Available Online

After some technical challenges, both of our most recent (and very well received webinars) are now available on the Alliance Webinar Resource Page. Last week’s “Transracial Adoption” was more widely attended than any prior webinar. Note that the first 1/3rd to ½ of the webinar covers basics of topics like understanding the basic concepts of […]

Race and Adoption

For follower of Christ, the imago dei formed in every human is infinitely more significant than one’s birthplace or skin color.  This is why Jesus shattered his culture’s ethnic bounds—from his conversation with the Samaritan woman to honoring the faith of the Roman centurion to making a “Good Samaritan” his paragon of real love.  So […]

Mike Gerson on International Adoption

Mike Gerson, former chief speechwriter to President Bush, has a tremendous column on international adoption in today’s Washington Post.  Mike has a reputation even among critics as not just a master communicator, but also both an incisive analyst of international issues and a devout Christian.  During work-related travel in Zambia, we visited homes of AIDS […]