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In-Depth Analysis of THE CHILD CATCHERS

The book The Child Catchers has created considerable stir with its harsh criticism of the Christian orphan care movement.   We were able to offer some initial response via blog and radio interviews at the time of its release, just before Summit. But we also felt that a book making such extensive claims deserved a more […]

Powerful Insights for Foster Parents…and All Who Love the Fatherless

My friend Doug Sauder, President of CAFO member 4KIDS of South Florida, recently shared with me a profound letter.  It was written by a woman who served families and children  through 4KIDS for 5+ years.  She read it to the 4KIDS teams during their weekly devotions as she prepared to depart for a new role.  […]

Art with a Mission IV: Film

“Nothing is more human than stories and storytelling,” observes Os Guinness.  He’s right.  From 3-year-olds to the crowd at the retirement home, we all delight in a story well told.  A good story can touch us to the core…and change us in the process.  No wonder Jesus didn’t express almost anything without telling a story […]

See the “Orphan Movement Update” Online…plus free signed book & more

The “20-Minute Investor Report and Movement Update” is now viewable online HERE or below! If you care about the growing Christian orphan care movement and the Alliance, you won’t want to miss it. The audio and visual provides a quick-hitting overview of:  the historic role of the church and care for the orphan….highlights of the […]

Where the World Needs Me

Comment Magazine recently gave me the opportunity to write a piece for their series, “Where Does the World Needs Me?”  Of course, the answers to that question are as diverse as God’s people.  And the many mini-articles written for the magazine reflect this reality with wisdom and creativity.  But for my part—authoring the section titled […]