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Orphan Sunday 2016 Blew Us Away!

It’s been deeply moving to read reports coming in from Orphan Sunday celebrations all over the world. This simple idea for a day to give special focus to God’s deep love for orphans was born in a small church in Zambia with few resources. Yet once again in 2016 it echoed all around the globe […]

Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel

Today, the new website for Summit VIII (May 3-4 at Saddleback Church) was officially unveiled!  Check it out when you get a chance!  And pre-register now (at no cost) to receive a $10 discount when registration goes live. The theme for Summit VIII is Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel.  But why is Gospel […]

The Most Unexpected Orphan Sunday Event

Amidst the blur of final Orphan Sunday prep, a remarkable report  on one final addition to the global event map just came in from Maryland’s Regional Coordinator, Jeromy Smith.  The event will led by a man named Jamie, who is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison.  A group of inmates will be […]

Stepping Up for Fatherless Boys

I recently finished Dennis Rainey’s new book, Stepping Up.  I’ve already ordered another copy for a young man I’m mentoring, and I anticipate I’ll work through the book’s insightful and well-crafted chapters with many others over the years to come as well.  It’s simple yet compelling, issuing a call to biblical manhood that I believe […]

Compassion for the Fatherless—The Axis Point of Hosea

I was struck deeply this past week by a passage I’d never before noticed in the book of Hosea.  My own thoughts of Hosea have always revolved around the living metaphor that God directed Hosea to act out in real time.  Hosea was to welcome back into his home his adulterous wife Gomer, foretelling how […]

One Who Did Not Come from Your Knee

Among the many remarkable individuals I met at the Lausanne Congress was an Ethiopian doctor named Henok.  His young-looking face and bright eyes hinted at the warm and gentle spirit one encounters in speaking with him.  Henok studied medicine in Germany.  But unlike many from Africa who receive professional training in the West, Henok decided […]