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Art Imitates Life, and Vice-Versa: King’s Faith

It’s said that art imitates life.   So little wonder that an increasingly number of films and other cultural products made by Christians highlight foster youth and orphans.  As more and […]

Little Things Anyone Can Do for Foster Youth

 This week’s Alliance webinar was one of the very best ever.  If you desire to better understand the challenges faced by youth in foster care, as well as little things […]

Great News on the Foster Care Front

As Christian advocates for adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives begin gathering in Louisville for Summit VII, an article in today’s Washington Times reports, “Increase in adoptions spells fewer […]

CBS News on Foster Need

CBS News providing a compelling window into the needs of foster youth in Montgomery, AL.   Some may read into the coverage an unnecessarily attempt to pit inter-country adoption against domestic […]