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As 2011 Ends, Three Amazing Affirmations of a Growing Movement

Those of us who yearn to see Christians re-earn the title, “defenders of the fatherless” have much to cheer. In July, Christianity Today described “the burgeoning orphan care movement.”  And it is.  From the remarkable growth of Summit to the global reach of Orphan Sunday, 2011 was another year of tremendous growth in the movement. […]

Art with a Mission IV: Film

“Nothing is more human than stories and storytelling,” observes Os Guinness.  He’s right.  From 3-year-olds to the crowd at the retirement home, we all delight in a story well told.  A good story can touch us to the core…and change us in the process.  No wonder Jesus didn’t express almost anything without telling a story […]

See the “Orphan Movement Update” Online…plus free signed book & more

The “20-Minute Investor Report and Movement Update” is now viewable online HERE or below! If you care about the growing Christian orphan care movement and the Alliance, you won’t want to miss it. The audio and visual provides a quick-hitting overview of:  the historic role of the church and care for the orphan….highlights of the […]

Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel

Today, the new website for Summit VIII (May 3-4 at Saddleback Church) was officially unveiled!  Check it out when you get a chance!  And pre-register now (at no cost) to receive a $10 discount when registration goes live. The theme for Summit VIII is Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel.  But why is Gospel […]

Great Quote on the Movement, Great Article on Orphan Sunday

This month’s edition of Adoption Today magazine carries an excellent cover article on Orphan Sunday.  The introduction to the edition by editor Richard Fischer writes, “Christian churches across the country have taken up, or in many cases, taken back orphan care as a tenet of their faith. Reconnecting with and answering the call to care […]

October Webinar Now Viewable Online

Last week’s Alliance webinar on Orphan Care Ministry that Lasts:  A Pastor’s Perspective on Overcoming Common Obstacles is now online and can be viewed HERE.