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Great blog post from California’s ECCU Takes Up Orphan Sunday, Too

I’m here at the T4A conference, loving the palpable feel of Gospel-fed enthusiasm for the “cause of the fatherless.”  As much as we all must spend the bulk of our days laboring in the trenches, it is always so good to get glimpses of the way the Church is increasingly rising.  Beautiful. On another note, […]

Inter-Country Adoption is More Than Inter-Country Adoption

Our friends at JCICS shared an article with us published Friday by the Carnegie Council, titled, “Love and Legislation:  The International Politics of Inter-country Adoption,” by Alison Watson.  Overall, it’s a refreshingly thoughtful approach to an often sensationalized topic.   It shortly before the “Step Forward for Orphans” march in Washington, DC that seeks to spur […]

Orphan Sunday 2011 Campaign Has Begun!

It has begun!  The 2011 Orphan Sunday campaign officially launched yesterday.   We pray that once again it will be an opportunity for passionate individuals to grow both awareness and action for the fatherless in their churches and communities. Last year, more than 250,000 Christians joined in local Orphan Sunday events.  No wonder Christianity Today could […]

Local Stories as Orphan Shabbat Campaign Poised to Launch

Last year, more than 1,000 local churches held Orphan Sunday events, and this year we are excited to join with our Jewish family to launch Orphan Shabbat.  Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.  How will you lift a torch for the orphan this year? We did the “Day in the Life of […]