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A World Charged with the Grandeur of God

I rarely post glimpses-of-my-life on this blog.  But after Rachel and I climbed Half Dome this past weekend in Yosemite, I couldn’t hold back praises echoing Psalm 8.   “When I consider the work of Your fingers…what is man that you are mindful of him?”  The 16+ mile hike, rising nearly 5,000 feet in elevation (and […]

30 Snapshots of Orphan Sunday Across America

It’s been amazing to read the stories coming in from Orphan Sunday events across the country.  Here are just thirty snapshots of the remarkable and diverse reports we’re receiving.   (We easily could have shared many times that number, but wanted to keep it to a somewhat manageable number!) Orphan Sunday Reports from Across America 1. […]

Compassion for the Fatherless—The Axis Point of Hosea

I was struck deeply this past week by a passage I’d never before noticed in the book of Hosea.  My own thoughts of Hosea have always revolved around the living metaphor that God directed Hosea to act out in real time.  Hosea was to welcome back into his home his adulterous wife Gomer, foretelling how […]

What the World Needs Most…Is Not Our Relevance

Cardus magazine has just posted the contents of their June 2010 edition online, including an article I wrote on the deep desire many of us feel to be relevant before a watching world…and the hazards that inclination sometimes holds for our faith. What the world needs most is not our relevance Perhaps more than any […]

Whittling Compassion: Trying to Discern Where God Wants Us to Focus

Last month marked the half-year anniversary since Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. Aside from the small uptick in coverage at the milestone, the eyes of the world have largely turned elsewhere: oil leaks, soccer matches, November elections. Of course, this was all but inevitable. The 24-hour news cycle is fueled by “new,” and tales of ongoing struggle, […]

A Time for Men—Part II

The last post highlighted the need for men, specifically, to catch up with our stalwart sisters in taking up the cause of the fatherless.  My own father—who embodies for me the blend of gentleness and strength that marks  a man fully committed to Christ—shared with me a song last week that resounds with this theme […]