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Heritage Foundation Forum: How Faith, Foster Care, and Adoption Go Together

This week, the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC hosted, “How Faith, Foster Care, and Adoption Go Together.” The opening remarks of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins are rich and meaningful, and well worth watching – they begin at 6:07.  (Many in the CAFO community will remember the Orphan Sunday message he expressed a couple years ago […]

Heritage Foundation on the Importance of Conscience Protections for Faith-Based Foster Agencies

The Heritage Foundation this month released an important and well-articulated document explaining why it’s essential to preserve the right of faith-based foster care agencies to operate in ways that do not violate their conscience.  As the paper points out, government policies on these matters carry significant consequence for both principles of religious liberty…and for the […]

Heritage Foundation on Churches & Foster Care

Washington, D.C.’s top conservative think tank today highlighted the positive impact church communities are having for kids in the U.S. foster system.  The headline of the Heritage Foundation’s weekly newsletter declared, “Churches Are Helping More Foster Children Find Families.” Building on a Heritage Foundation report highlighted previously on this blog, the article reads: A few […]

Heritage Foundation Report on Foster Care

The Heritage Foundation, a top conservative Washington think tank, has issued a significant report on the U.S. foster system.  It is substantive, well-researched and thoughtful.  And even individuals who might disagree with some of its proposal are bound to see the significance of a think tank with the clout of the Heritage Foundation taking the […]